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SNEA serves notice for trade union actions. CS Com. A. Roy Pradhani calls upon all the members to make all out preparation for the success of the program.  << View Charter of Demands>>   ( 30.04.2016)

After a long period of time, the office order for look after promotion from JTO to SDE has been signed by the CGMT Assam Circle on 07/04/2016. The list will be uploaded soon.  08.04.2016)

SNEA Assam Meets Director(EB)

SNEA Assam Circle meets Director(EB) Sri N K Mehta ji at Guwahati on 18/03/2016 at Guwahati. The discussion was all about  technical and EB related issues pertaining to Assam Circle and  North East as well. From SNEA side, CS Arijit Roy Prodhani, VP Rajesh Choudhury, ACS P K Das, Guwahati District President Dulal Kar and DS Nazrul Islam were present. The meeting was very cordial and a fruitful one.   <<  View Photo  >>>  (18.03.2016)

CHQ News on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy:

Consistent stand of the Association on replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 to be understood in right perspective since these cadres were demoted from E1A and E2A to E1 and E2. Also the mechanism of time bound functional promotion, CPSU cadre hierarchy, is a long term and everlasting career growth mechanism. We have to strive to facilitate its implementation.

This Association, as very responsible, realistic and credible institution, will act as an enabler and facilitator, not an obstructionist, to get the recommendations on these twin critical issues implemented, keeping in view the constraints and the ground realities.

Implementation of the recommendations remains a big challenge for us and let us stays united and vigilant to ensure that the recommendations are implemented as quickly as possible.

Joint Committee was constituted originally in 2012 and reconstituted in May 2015 to examine the crucial issues of introduction of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 to replace non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A, which were reduced to E1 and E2, for JTOs/SDEs and also to end the painful and continuing stalemate in our career growth by bringing in new mechanism of Cadre hierarchy, which assures time bound functional promotion, regardless of availability of posts and seniority.

Let us understand the basic fact regarding replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A by E2 and E3 for JTOs/SDEs. Equivalent scales of E1A and E2A were not agreed upon by DOT and DPE. BSNL Management, instead of upgrading these scales to higher stages of E2 and E3, brought them down to E1 and E2. That is precisely where we intervened and strongly opposed the move to demote the cadres of JTOs/SDEs from E1A and E2A to E1 and E2. This is the genesis of the issue and that is why the Joint Committee was tasked to examine the issue of these cadres alone, and not others. These terms of reference were accepted in principle by all the three Associations who were part of the Joint Committee and thus negotiations and the final recommendations of the committee are obviously restricted to JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres only. This fundamental fact has to be understood and appreciated. The committee did not have mandate to go beyond this.

Change in pay scales from E3 to E4, E4 to E5 and E5 to E6 and E6 to E7 (cascading effect) were not in the terms of reference of the Joint Committee since those pay scales are standard pay scales and already approved by DoT. Nevertheless that never means that we shall not be struggling in the days to come to raise this issue once the crucial issue of the reversion of cadres of JTOs/SDEs is defeated and resolved conclusively. This is time to exclusively and single-mindedly focus on replacing E1 and E2 by E2 and E3 for JTO/SDEs. Let us not get distracted under any circumstances to get this serious anomaly corrected now itself to pave the way for future upgradation of pay scales for Sr SDEs/DEs/DGMs/SG DGMs equivalent cadres.

Change in the above pay scales not going to give any financial benefit to the existing Executives as all of them crossed the minimum of the next higher scales as on 01.01.2007. Settlement of E2, E3 pay scales will take us close to our original demand of E2, E3 to E7. This demand is still on and can be taken up at appropriate time. E2, E3 will be the stepping stone for this in the future.

Implementation of E2, E3 scales will definitely benefit the young JTO/JAOs recruited in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and future recruits. Similarly the Executives becoming SDE/AO after 01.01.2007 also as they will reach E3 scale directly instead of E2A scale, in 5 years.

Seniors reached E3 scale in 10 to 11 years, now our juniors will reach E3 in 5 years, it is not demoralisation but really motivation to the cadre.

Joint Committee recommended E2, E3 scales replacing E1A and E2A. Cascading effect is not considered or recommended by the committee as it was not in the terms of reference. Then raising the demand now after becoming part of the Joint Committee recommendation when management is considering implementation of E2, E3 scale is nothing but delaying or derailing tactics on implementation of E2, E3 scale?

If Sr SDE equivalent scale is abolished, one upgradation got between 2007 and 2016 to E3 scale in Sr SDE equivalent grade and consequent fixation for large number of Executives will be affected and all will face recovery and reduction in pay. Further, youngsters will lose one assured promotion in their entire service. It will create lot of anomalies also.

If Sr SDE equivalent grade is abolished, then it has to be merged either with SDE or DE. Merger with SDE is not acceptable to us. In case of merger with DE, thousands of Executives in E3 scale from 01.01.2007 has to be shifted to E4 scale. Then naturally Executives in E4 has to be shifted to E5 and so on. This is nothing but cascading effect which management not ready to consider at all.

The reversion/demotion of the JTO/JAOs from E1A to E1 and SDE/AOs from E2A to E2 is more demoralising than a Sr SDE continuing in the same pay scale of E3 without any financial loss. That also when he reaches E3 scale in 5 years instead of present 10 to 11 years.

If E2, E3 scale is not implemented, youngsters and the cadre will lose heavily but seniors will not lose anything evenif cascading effect is not implemented.

Contradicting or changing stand from the Joint Committee recommendations at this point of time will be the only stumbling block in implementation of E2, E3 pay scale for the youngsters. They are torpedoing the E2, E3 scales and the future of the cadre as well as the 11,000 JTO/JAOs recruited in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and the future recruits.

Joint Committee recommendation on CPSU cadre Hierarchy, assuring three(3) functional promotions in addition to financial upgradation to E5 and E6 scales is as under:

a) JTO to SDE grade after 5 years of regular service as JTO.

b) SDE to Sr SDE grade after 5 years of regular service as SDE.

c) Sr SDE to AGM grade after 5 years of regular service as Sr SDE.

All the three Associations are signatory to the above recommendations.

In CPSU hierarchy, all promotions are functional promotion and nothing is there like non functional promotion. In CPSU Hierarchy, Sr SDE grade is also functional promotion.

In the joint committee, SDE to Sr SDE and Sr SDE to DE promotions are recommended by the members, then how the stand is changing now by demanding to abolish of Sr SDE grade.

If Sr SDE equivalent grade is abolished, then it has to be merged with either with SDE or DE. Merger with SDE is not acceptable to us. Management will not agree for the other proposal.

If Sr SDE grade is abolished, youngsters will lose one promotion in their entire service. After 20 years of service (E2 to E6 scale, each after 5 years), for the remaining 15 years of service, they will not have any promotion, demoralising the entire Executives.

For the sake of seniors to get an early promotion to DE grade who already enjoyed the benefit of promotion to Sr SDE scale earlier, it is not fair to abolish one promotion for the youngsters for their entire service period.

It is not a new phenomenon in BSNL alone that two grades, SDE and Sr SDE equivalent are in the same pay scale of E3. In NTPC, E2(Sr Asst Engineer) and E2A(Engineer) grades are working in the same E3 pay scale and E7(Dy General Manager), E7A(Addl General Manager) and E8(General Manager) grades are working in the same E8 pay scale. In BHEL, E5(Sr Manager) and E6(Dy General Manager) Grades are working in the same E7 pay scale and E6A(Sr General Manager), E7(Addl General Manager) and E8(General Manager) grades are working in the same E8 pay scale. In BSNL itself, Addl General Manager, General Manager, Chief General Manager and Executive Director are working in the same pay scale of E9.

Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy will ensure one functional promotion for atleast 30,000 Executives to SDE/AO or Sr SDE/Sr AO or DE/CAO/EE equivalent grades on the day of its implementation.

All the Executives promoted or recruited prior to 2012 will get one functional promotion on the day of CPSU implementation.

Any effort at this crucial stage to ask for amendments of the recommendations of Joint Committee is nothing but a clear attempt to derail and defeat settlement of both the crucial issues of introduction of standard pay scales for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres as well as CPSU cadre hierarchy. Implementation of 3rd recommendation is fully depending on the first two issues. We have a unique, distinguished and chequered history of facilitating and enabling the implementation of the recommendations of the committees, of which we were part and parcel and signatory, to get the issues resolved, not derailed or defeated by having second thoughts after being part and parcel of the committee, its deliberations and the final report submitted by the committee. Raising extraneous issues at this crucial hour is nothing but a sinister and clear move to defeat settlement of both these crucial issues. Let us remain united and extraordinarily vigilant to ensure implementation of the recommendations of the Joint Committee in letter and spirit, at the earliest and hidden agenda or selfish motives are not derailing the recommendations. Our eyes should be all set on resolution of these critical issue. 

SNEA(I), Assam Circle deeply mourns the sad demise of the beloved mother of our Circle President Com. I. H. Mandal on 16/02/2016. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, CS Com. A. Roy Pradhani expresses heart-felt grief, sympathy and condolences to Com. Mandal and his bereaved family.  (19.02.2016)

SNEA, Assam Circle is deeply saddened at the  passing away of our beloved leader Com W. Seshagiri Rao  at around 01.00 am on 01/02/2016. On behalf of the whole SNEA family, Assam, CS Com. A. Roy Pradhani expresses our profound grief and heart-felt condolences to the bereaved family. We all pray to the Almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul, and seek His blessings for the family to give them solace and strength to wade through the challenges in life.  (12.01.2016)

In view of the CWC Meeting at Kolkata on 8
th & 9th February, 2016, CS Com. A. Roy Pradhani requests all the District Secretaries to convene GB meeting to deliberate upon the following agenda items to pass and  convey the action plan / resolution thereon to the CS  by 31/01/2016.

1.     Strategies to increase the revenue and accelerate the growth to make the company profitable to ensure the
benefit of 3rd PRC w.e.f 01.01.2017.


2.     Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations submitted on 07.10.2015 on implementation of Standard pay scales, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and uniform first TBP


3.      Pay fixation and pay protection on officiating promotion during DoT/BSNL period and got regular promotion as SDE/AO/DE/CAO/EE after 01.10.2000 as per rules


4.     Membership verification and other important issues.    (12.01.2016)

Circle conference of Assam Circle:

The Circle Conference of Assam Circle was held at Bongaigaon, Assam on 15, 16 December, 2015. GS Com K. Sebastin and CHQ President Com A A Khan attended the conference. C/President Com V. Nath presided over the Conference and C/Secretary Com I H Mandal submitted the report. GS and President mainly concentrated on the BSNL growth related issues and pending HR issues in their address. 

The sincere efforts of this Association and the Forum of BSNL Unions and Assns on revival of BSNL started producing positive results. Forum observed "Customer Delight month" and "Customer Delight year" with focus to improve the quality of service and the growth of our beloved company, our bread and butter. Management also took initiatives to support the movement. All credits go to the field units and employees who responded to the call with commitment and conviction and implemented the Forum call. Management and employees worked together to achieve this goal. Net result is BSNL become operational profit of Rs 672 Crores last financial year. This is a remarkable achievement comparing to the previous year performance of 691 Crores losses. The operational profit of 672 Crores, eventhough a small figure infused tremendous confidence among the employees and proved that our sincere efforts will definitely bring BSNL out of crisis. Now we have to further improve on it.

Top management started to interact with the Unions and Assns frequently which we never witnessed earlier. This boosted confidence among the employees. CMD and other Directors are taking lot of initiatives and quick decisions to bring the company back on track. The"Free night calling facility during night hours", "Free roaming" and "2 MB Broardband speed" etc are some of the major initiatives. Procurement of materials has streamlined. Lot of Circles stated capitalising on these initiatives. Last few months we are adding about 15 lakh mobile connections per month including MNP, we are now MNP positive with 1 lakh per month, BB connections started picking up, landline surrender we could arrest etc etc.

ERP implemented, NGN roll out is going on in a big way, MPLS expansion by adding 232 new edge routers underway with equipment supply starting this month, Add on order for GSM expansion to replace Phase I, II, III and Nortel and Nokia eqpts of Phase IV, OF cable of 24 Fibre and above started supply. Now it is our turn to respond positively to these initiatives. In another one year 3rd PRC is due. What efforts we are taking in the next one or two years going to decided our future and future of our company.

Forum of BSNL Unions and Assns, sensing the urgency and the positive developments decided to take further initiatives in the coming days. Forum decided for a 100 days drive "ServiceWith A Smile (S W A S)" w.e.f 01.01.2016 with special focus on the following issues:

(1)       (1 )  Vigorous marketing of Mobile, Broadband and Landline connections.

(2)          Ensure Fault Free service.

(3)          Reconnection of Broadband and Landline connections.

(4)       (4)   Special focus on Enterprise Business, Leased line, CUG and 3G customers.

(5)          Special focus on MNP.

Now we have to make this programme a grand success. All out efforts should be there from our side and from all the employees to achieve this single agenda. Once we could achieve this, we will be in a better position to bargain with management for 3rd PRC, better perks, allowances etc.

On HR issues, the main focus of the Association is on 1) 3rd PRC, 2) 30% super annuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees, 3) standard pay scales of E2, E3, 4) promotions in various cadres, 5) CPSU cadre hierarchy etc.

1)        3rd PRC; SNEA and NCOA working together and taking leading role in constitution of 3rdPRC. The trade union notice given by NCOA created tremendous pressure in the Govt and now Govt is activing very fast to constitute the 3rd PRC. The entire matter is now dealt by Cabinet Secretariate and PMO. We are trying to include the next Pension revision also part of the terms of reference of 3rd PRC.

2)        30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees:The proposal of 6% contribution was discussed in the remunerartion Committee of BSNL Board. The Board asked some more information from the management side. Now with the additional informations, it will go to the remuneration committee and the Board. We are vigourously pursuing the matter to ensure that next Board meeting takes decision so that the much delayed Pension fund constitution can be initiated. By this 6%, the total contribution now reaches upto 24.5%(18.5+6).

3)        Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3: With the sole struggle by SNEA, the Jt Committee reconstituted in May, 2015. The Committee submitted its recommendation in Oct, 2015. Our main aim is to avoid the demotion of the basic cadres of JTO/JAO from E1A to E1 and SDE/AO from E2A to E2. We are struggling for the cadre and E2, E3 pay scales. Our struggle for E2, E3 pay scales will definitely benefit the JTOs and JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 and motivate them.

4)        Promotions in various cadres: The preparatory work for JTO to SDE (seniority quota), JAO to AO, SDE to DE and AO to CAO DPC is almost completed. The LDCE result from JTO to SDE is also almost ready. However due to the court cases going on at Hon Chandigargh Tribunal based on Nagaraju judgment, DPC and promotion orders could not be issued. In addition to that JTO to SDE(SQ) DPC stay is continuing from Ernakulam High Court.  In the 3rd case, BSNL will be submitting the reply after vetting the same by BSNLCO. Thereafter, case will be listed for final hearing. In LDCE case also, about 4 Tribunals stayed the declaration of results. BSNL is transferring all the cases to PCAT, New Delhi. In the case of Civil/Elect etc we could make JTO to SDE promotion current. However on EE promotion, the final hearing on the case is completed at PCAT, New Delhi and judgment is reserved.

5)        Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy: Tireless efforts of the Assn resulted in positive recommendation from the Jt Committee. The only way to tide over the present crisis and court cases over seniority related issues on promotion is implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy. In this mechanism the promotion is delinked from seniority and availability of posts upto certain level.

Implementation of standard pay scales, CPSU cadre Hierarchy and 30% superannuation benefit will streamline the pay, promotions and pension issues and almost 90% of the HR related issues will be resolve by that. So the entire focus of the association is in resolving these issues with top most priority.

In the Conference, Com. I.H. Mandal, Com. Arijit Roy Prodhani, Com. Gobinda Chandra Sarma, Com. Hemendra Prasad Dutta and Com. Manoj Karki were unanimously elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary, Circle Treasurer and CWC Members respectively.

New Circle Body formed at the Circle Conference held at Bongaigaon on 16/12/2015.

Special Recruitment Drive for JTO & TTA for Assam Circle :

Circle Secretary has written to CGMT Assam Circle stating that the Association has no objection to relieving of lady JTOs under Rule -8 transfer on humanitarian ground.

At the same time it is further put on record that the circle management should initiate the process of Special recruitment drive for JTO & TTA exclusives from the candidates of NE states, if required through amendment to Recruitment rules. 

<<<< Letter from CS >>>>   ( 11.12.2015)

Letter from Circle Office on  Special Casual Leave permission for attending Circle Conference to be held at Bongaigaon on 15th & 16th December-2015

SNEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved father of Com.Nilim Saikia, JTO , Tezpur, on 02-12-2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Saikia and his bereaved family. Let the Almighty rest the departed soul in eternal peace!!

Circle Secretary writes to CGM/ETR Kolkata after telephonic discussion with the officer Shri Arun Kumarji for early release of Com. Sushanta Saha, SDE for his posting in RTTC Guwahati........        
Letter to CGM_ETR>>>>

Circle Secretary writes to CGMT Assam Circle Shri. Rajiv Yadav regarding the long pending case of Reversion of executives .......  

Rule-8 Transfer issue :

Members finding anomalies in the Rule -8 Transfer Waiting List of JTOs forwarded by circle office, may represent for correction of the same with a copy to CS for further persuasion. Meanwhile CGMT has agreed to send for necessary accommodation against all applicants. 

<< Rule-8 List >>  (03.12.2015)

General Body meeting of SNEA Guwahati Division will be held at IQ, Panbazar on 3
rd December 2015 (Thursday) at 3.30 PM to discuss various issues of importance. DS Com. Nazrul Islam requests the presence of all the members. 

<<< View the Notice  >>>

All the Districts are requested to take note of the following :
1. Hold GB meetings to select delegates according to paid member strength (one delegate against every 15 paid members).
2. Ensure payment of Circle quota & SNEA Bhawan maintenance fee and clear the same up to December, 2015.
3. Ensure payment of Delegate fee @ Rs 1000/- per delegate at the conference venue. Due to scarcity of accommodation facility, districts are requested not to select observers to attend the conference.
4. Plan your journey keeping in view the Draft Agenda uploaded below. 

 Draft Agenda >>>>   (30.11.2015)

om. Aditya Kr. Jha, presently Faculty member at ALTTC, Ghaziabad, has lost his beloved wife on 28/11/2015. Com. Jha was associated with our Assam Circle Association for many years and served as District Secretary of Bongaigaon and Guwahati. SNEA family of Assam deeply mourns the untimely death of Com. Jha's wife and coveys heartfelt condolences to Com Jha and his bereaved family. We all pray to the Almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul!  (29.11.2015)

<<<<  Notice >>>>

Circle Conference of SNEA,  Assam Circle

Circle Conference is scheduled to be held on 15th & 16th December, 2015 in Hotel C K & Restaurant, Main Road, Borpara (Opposite Chilarai Indoor Stadium), BONGAIGAON.

Com A A Khan, CHQ President and Com. K Sebastin, General Secretary have given their kind consent to accompany us and grace the conference. 

All the District Secretaries and activists are requested to make necessary preparations to make the conference a grand success & a memorable one !

The necessary Notice and contact details of host district shall be uploaded soon. (20.11.2015)

NEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved father of Com.Pradip K.Das, JTO (LC), Panbazar, on 24-10-2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Das and his bereaved family.Let the Almighty rest the departed soul in eternal peace!!

SNEA, Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved father of Com. Hemen Dutta, SDE(T/F), Jorhat and CWC member, on 20-10-2015. On behalf of the whole SNEA family, Com. I.H. Mandal conveys heart-felt  condolences to Com. Dutta and his bereaved family. Let the Almighty rest the departed soul in eternal peace!! (26.10.2015)


Forum has decided to observe one day Dharna Program st Corporate office, Circle and SSA levels on the demand of Productivity Linked Incentive (PLI) on 19-10-2015.
All the District Secretaries and SNEA activists of Assam Circle are requested to observe the Dharna Program in co-ordination with other Forum constituents.  (19.10.2015)

ongratulations Comrades !

New JTO Recruitment Rules 2014 Notified. Whatever suggestions have been proposed by SNEA, all are included in the RR.  << View Details >> (15.10.2015)

n 08/10/2015, Circle Secretary along with  Com. Shyamal Dutta,ACS ,  Com. Nazrul Islam DS Guwahati & Com. Purkayastha, Dist Treasurer met CGMT Assam Circle Shree Rajeev Yadav and strongly demanded immediate scrapping of an illogical and unjustified Waiting List prepared by HR section of circle office with regards to Rule-8 transfer of JTOs.
Many of the JTOs recruited under Assam Circle  have become eligible for transfer under Rule-8 on completion of  their qualifying service of five years. However, instead of giving proper relief to the suffering JTOs, a particular officer at the helm of affairs was playing an unholy nexus with other association to justify their own existence. 

SNEA has demanded that the Waiting List be redrawn taking
  "Date of completion of five years of service" as the main criteria to determine seniority for placement in the waiting List. (09.10.2015)

n 29-9-2015, CGMT Assam Circle Shri Rajiv Yadav invited CS and representatives from SNEA along with other Unions and Associations for a meeting. GMTD Kamrup and other officers from Circle  Marketing cell were also present.
The following matters were discussed :
1. Assam Circle is going to celebrate 15th BSNL day on 1st October 2015 in BSNL Bhawan campus. Necessary arrangements are being made in war footing. There will be stalls for exhibition of BSNL products, food stall and Cultural Show in the evening. All are invited to attend and enjoy the celebrations with family and friends.

2. GMTD kamrup informed that the SSA is going to organize Road Show in Guwahati City on 5th and 6th October. On 5th the Road Show will be inaugurated by CGMT at Panbazat at 1200 hrs as a strategy to promote marketing. The Forum of Associations and Unions has extended full support and promised for full co-operation and maximum participation. All the members (specially those under Guwahati District)  are requested to take part in large numbers in the Road Show both the days without fail.

3. CS SNEA proposed a detailed door to door survey of the Franchisee and Retailers  in Guwahati city by marketing cell to ascertain their existence, appraisal of performance and to understand their problems in selling BSNL products to find sustainable solutions. Management agreed to do a detailed survey within a week. CGMT and GM/Kamrup requested all the employees to report availability of retailers in their respective localities and to give suggestions for improvement.  (All members may mail such reports to CS for follow up action)
The complete list of retailers available under Kamrupp SSA shall be uploaded in this website shortly.

4. CGMT requested all the employees to engage their spouse and family members & interested friends as Direct Selling Agents (DSA). He also informed that a hand some amount of Rs 150/- shall be paid against each incoming customer under MNP.


A General Body meeting of SNEA(I) Guwahati Division will be held at IQ, Panbazar on 29th September 2015 (Tuesday) from 3.30 PM to discuss various important issues. DS Com. Nazrul Islam requests all the members to attend the meeting positively.    << View the Notice Here >>..   (24.09.2015)

Kerala issue is resolved. CGM Shri M S S Rao transferred and put under compulsory wait at Trivandrum. SNEA has decided to call off the agitation program on this issue. CHQ and Circle SNEA Congratulate all members of SNEA(I) and BSNLEU for their active support and co-operation. (17.09.2015)


The Great, Unique and Unprecedented achievements of Assam Circle in All India Conference held in Jaipur from 5th to 8th September, 2015.

(1)  SNEA Assam circle has been raising the issue of Special recruitment drive for JTOs in the circle for last more than two decades in every AIC and CWC meets of the Association and continuously pursuing the same in every forum. In this All India Conference, Jaipur the Director (HR), BSNL Board has given a clear commitment that there will be Special Recruitment drive for JTOs in Assam and other NE Circles.

(2) SNEA  Assam Circle has been dealing with a very serious issue of Reversion of a few JTOs as a fallout of one legal battle. As a result of tireless persuasion of SNEA Assam Circle the Representative council of AIC, Jaipur has taken an unanimous resolution that the case case of Reversion of JTOs of Assam and UP (W) circles will be taken up by CHQ on priority basis. In case the matter cannot be resolved out of court, the case may be even fought in the Hon'ble Supreme Court and the Association shall bear all such legal expenses to ensure that the reverted JTOs are reinstated.   (15.09.2015)



 CGMT Assam Circle has approved the Special Casual Leave to all the delegates of SNEA India) Assam Circle  for attending All India Conference at Jaipur. Delegates shall submit Applications, with reference to the approval (attached below) & by mentioning the the period of leave required covering the days of Conference and transit period, to their respective controlling officers for grant of Special Casual Leave . (21.08.2015)

 <CGMT's approval  >>>


#    Com. General Secretary has issued the Notice for All India Conference to be held at Jaipur from 5th to 7th with Pre-AIC CWC on 4th September, 2015.

#     The delegate Fee has been fixed at Rs 1250/- per head.

#     All the district bodies may send resolutions (on any matter relating to organization, welfare, executive career etc) to Circle Secretary at the earliest by e-mail for forwarding the same to CHQ for inclusion in CHQ agenda of AIC.

#     All Districts Secretaries / Treasurers are requested to clear the CHQ quota upto August 2015.  Present status given by CHQ is uploaded below.

(Assam Circle is going to hold Circle Conference immediately after the All India Conference, hence all Districts are requested to clear Circle quota  up to September, 2015)
View:    AIC NOTICE >>          CHQ QUOTA STATUS >>>  (07.08.2015)



 Under the initiative of SNEA Assam Circle, the management has been forced to improve the internet service of North East region covering Assam Circle as well as NE-I and NE-II circles by hiring10 G link from PGCIL direct between Guwahati and Chennai in place of the present 2.5 G link.

As you are all aware the internet speed of the whole NE region was very poor for the last few months and there were heavy traffic congestions bringing bad name to the company. But unfortunately the management, specially CGM/ ETR, was not even ready to recognize that there was serious problem due to shortage of media bandwidth.

Circle Secretary took the initiative and appealed to all other Associations and Unions to come together and pressurize the management to improve the internet /BB services. All the Associations & Union immediately responded to the call of SNEA and finally the management has been forced to agree to improve the services by taking all possible measures.

 We extend heartfelt thanks to CGMT Assam Circle Shri Rajeev Yadav, PGM ETR Shri. M K Gogoi for their individual efforts.

Circle Secretary congratulates all other  Associations (AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA) and unions (NFTE BSNL & BSNLEU) and all activists for their quick and timely response and active co-operation for the interest of the company.

 We can expect much better internet speed in a couple of days!  ( 27.07.2015)


SNEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved father of Com. Amiya Sarma, JTO,Kamrup, Guwahati, on 15-07-2015. On behalf of the whole SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal conveys heart-felt  condolences to Com. Sarma and his bereaved family. Let the Almighty rest the departed soul in eternal peace!!
(17.07.2015 )


There is a possibility that the stay on this promotion granted by Hon'ble Kerala High Court may be vacated on 20-7-2015, the day of final hearing on this matter, paving the way for holding of DPC.

Since all the previous VC already expired, fresh VC need to be sent to Corporate Office at the earliest.

 The staff section of Assam circle office has already sent the necessary requirement for fresh VC (with list of eligible JTOs) to all the SSA. The District Secretaries and other activists are requested to make all necessary efforts to send the 'VC requests' for the eligible JTOs to circle office at the earliest possible.  



Com. General Secretary has replied to the questions raised by members of Guwahati division as follows :

Dear Com 

 SNEA (India) is having members who are interested for promotion in seniority quota as well as LDCE quota and all members are equal for us and we never distinguished them. So, Assn is pursuing promotions under SQ and LDCE simultaneously for all the vacancy years. GS of other association can say anything as they donít have any JTO as their member, neither senior nor young. They donít have any locus standi in the matter at all.

The suggestion for year-wise DPC and LDCE is not at all possible as there is huge backlog. In that case we will be able to conduct the DPC for only 2 years, 2009-10 and 2010-11 against seniority quota. But we are trying to fill up all the vacancies up to 2013-14 (total 5 years) together in the coming DPC. We had never done any negative work so far and will not do that in the future also. 

Simultaneous promotions for both quotas for each vacancy year cannot be possible due to various reasons. What AIBSNLA done at Ernakulam and doing at Ernakulam are all reported in our website on 25.06.2015, 26.06.2015 and 27.06.2015. Our comrades should go through the details. In court cases, sentiments will not work. We have to convince the court during hearing after completion of formalities. Issue raised at Ernakulam is not as simple as anybody imagining. It is having serious implications and our Kerala Circle Assn and CHQ is doing its best to come out of that. Even personally I had gone to Ernakulam and met the lawyer on 13.06.2015. Even Assn filed an SLP in the Supreme Court in April which SC was not ready for urgent hearing. Any suggestion to fast track the court case is welcome from our comrades.

As far as CHQ is concerned, we have completed all our preparatory work for promotion under seniority quota and kept everything ready. Court cases are not in our hands. Once relief is achieved from court, the promotion order will be issued after completion of formalities.  10.07.2015)

With regards,



CS  communicates with Com. General Secretary on Promotion issue

It is a matter of serious concern that a large number of JTOs are waiting for about two decades for their first promotion in the executive level under Seniority cum fitness quota. Also it is a known fact that SNEA is trying its level best with all its available resources to win over the legal battle before the Honíble Kerala High Court in spite of stiff hurdle posed by other executive associations against the interest of thousands of executives eagerly waiting for promotion under seniority quota.  But these executives, perhaps 100% of them are members of SNEA, have genuine grievances and suffer from serious heart burning when they find that their juniors are promoted and become seniors overnight through LDCE leaving them behind for no fault of theirs.

It is the BSNL management who is not able to hold the DPC under seniority quota for whatever reason. Then why management is going to promote executives under competitive quota for even the vacancy year of 2010-11, when the vacancies of even 2009-10, 2010-11 under seniority quota are still remaining unfilled? Why the management cannot maintain uniformity/parity of promotion under seniority quota with the promotion under competitive quota under a particular year of vacancy? What role our association is expected to play under such a serious and sensitive situation? These are the genuine and justified questions being raised by our beloved members.

In view of the above, a large number of members of Guwahati division, which represents about 50% of the total circle strength,  assembled in a GB meeting on 7th July, 2015 and unanimously resolved to request Com. GS to take a few reasonable steps. 

Circle Secretary requests Com. GS to take appropriate steps to give sufficient weightage to the resolution it deserves. ( 08.07.2015)

<<<< Resolution of Guwahati Division >>>> 

 General Secretary, Com. K Sebastin has taken up the issue of serious media  problem in Eastern Region, specially North Eastern circles covering Assam, NE-I and NE-II, that has severely affected Broad Band & other internet services.
 GS has placed a detailed picture of the available OFC Network with their usability and the urgent necessity of their further augmentation to cater the huge internet traffic in this potential as well as strategically important region. ( 03.07.2015)

Developments on JAC efforts to deal with the issue of Internet connectivity 

Circle Secretary, as convenor of JAC, has received one letter from ETR regarding the issue of media connectivity in NE region.
The letter, written by Shri M K Gogoi, PGM/ETR on behalf of CGM/ETR Kolkata, has given the possible steps taken/to be taken to resolve the issue.

However, as decided earlier, we shall meet CGMT Assam Circle on 23-6-2015 at 1130 hrs and assemble in Panbazar IB on 24-6-2015 to take future course of action.

Follow up of Joint Action Committee steps taken on  Broadband Service issue :
It seems the action taken by JAC since 15th June 2015 has moved the management for taking positive steps. However, we are not going to take rest till the issue is resolved permanently.

Meeting with CMD/BSNL and DIR(EB) on 18.06.2015: GS, CHQ President and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met CMD and DIR(EB) and discussed frequent failure of OF links between Guwahati and Kolkatta affecting services. Due to frequent failures, services are badly affected in NE Region and Kolkatta is frequently getting isolated. The performance of ETP, ETR and NETF in laying and maintaining OF cable for the last few years is very poor. For the last seven to eight years, BSNL is hiring fibre from PGCIL, OIL, Mukund etc to maintain the services incurring an expenditure of more than 20 crores per year in ETR alone. Even after 8 years, BSNL could not lay its own network. We requested for targeted action to lay fibre by ETP and NETF so that reliable services can be provided and huge expenditure on fibre/bandwidth hiring can be saved.


DIR(EB) further informed that as a temporary measure, action is taken to hire dark fibre from PGCIL from Guwahati to Chennai and will be commissioned in a couple of days. Similarly, special efforts are made to repair the OF cable especially in Bihar end Eastern region and improve the OF network of BSNL. ETP is planning for OF cable laying in a big way. Further discussions will be held next week.


Meanwhile the progress in OF cable laying, tender process etc by ETP and NETF may be furnished to CHQ by WB, AS, BR and NE Circles for a fruitful discussion next week  (16.06.2015)


Responding to the call of Circle Secretary on 15-6-2015, the representatives of all Associations and Unions including AIBSNLEA, NFTE BSNL, BSNLEU and AIGETOA have resolved to issue ultimatum to the management (CGM/ETR, PGM/ETR and CGMT Assam Circle) to resolve the problem of media connectivity between Guwahati and Kolkata that has severely affected the internet traffic of entire NE region. The problem is continuing for last four months, leading to adverse impact on our esteemed customers, but the management is quite indifferent. Such indifferent attitude of BSNL management at the cost of survival of the company is quite shocking.
The Joint Action Committee has given ultimatum to the management to permanently resolve the problem by the end of this week. Other wise, massive agitation program will start from 22.6.2015 All the district bodies of Assam circle are to take note of it and to remain prepared for the fight for our survival.

(Circle secretaries of all Asscns/Unions of NE-I and NE-II are requested to start similar action)

   >>> the Letter >>>>     (16.06.2015)

SNEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened at the passing away of the beloved father of Com. Rupak Medhi, JTO(Task Force), Guwahati,  on 27/05/2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Medhi and his bereaved family. (28.05.2015)


SNEA_GHYThe 9th Divisional Conference of SNEA(I) Guwahati Division was held successfully on 23rd May 2015 at IQ, Panbazar, Guwahati. The conference was addressed by Com. V. Nath, Circle President and Com. I.H. Mandal, Circle Secretary, SNEA(I), Assam Circle.  Click Here to View the New Body

New DS Com. Nazrul Islam  requests all the members of Guwahati Division, particularly those who are in-charge of  Indoor and Outdoor Plant of kamrup SSA,  to intimate within next 2-3 days about the problems/issues  to be taken up with GM Administration for providing quality services (GSM, Land line, BB, Lease Line etc) to our esteemed customers. Please send your feedback by email id 27.05.2015)

The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations of Assam Circle met CGMT, Assam Circle, on 25/05/2015 and discussed the deteriorating condition of the Broadband service since last few months and the resulting negative impact on our esteemed customers. The forum urged the CGMT to ensure stable and  uninterrupted NIB Backbone media service, specially in view of the frequent media outage between Siliguri - Malda region of West Bengal Circle. The forum also requested the CGMT to arrange alternate Backbone Media route for smooth functioning of  Broadband service.

Circle Secretary Com. Mandal has also intimated the pathetic condition of Broadband Service in the North-east to our GS and other CHQ leaders.26.05.2015)

The 9th  Divisional Conference of Guwahati Division: The  conference will  be held on 23/05/2015, Saturday, from 9 am at Panbazar IQ.  DS Com. N. C. Bhagawati requests full participation of the members to make it a grand success.

>> Click Here for the Detailed Program of Agenda. 21.05.2015)

NEA(I), Assam Circle deeply mourns the sad demise of the beloved father of Com. D.N. Pegu, DGM(Admin), Circle Office, Guwahati,  on 10/05/2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. N.C. Bhagawati, DS, Guwahati District, and CS Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Pegu and his bereaved family.

As per the assurance given by CMD, orders issued reconstituting the joint committee. As SNEA suggested, Sri Mohd Ashraf Khan, ED(NB) has been made the Chairman and only 3 months time given. First meeting is already fixed on 15th May, as our Association suggested.11.05.2015)
CMD called for discussion on charter of demands. After detail discussion with CMD, DIR HR and ED Fin on all the issues contained in the notice and concrete assurances that issues would be resolved by 15th August, CHQ has decided call off the programs of action.
Congrats to one and all. 09.05.2015) 

MASS DHARNA ON 07.05.2015

All Circle/SSA/Branch Secretaries and activts to make all out preparations for the Mass Dharna on 07.05.15 at CHQ/Circle/SSA HQs and make it 100% success. Focus on door to door campaign and gate meetings.

All the Executives are requested to join the struggle to protect the cadre from demotion to E1 and E2 scales and to settle other HR issues.


   Standard Pay scales of E2, E3, ---- for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc upto SGJAG. No demotion of the basic cadres JTO and SDE.

        Time Bound Functional Promotion between 4 - 6 years.

        Settlement of Pay Anomalies, antedating etc.

        First TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

        Upgraded pay scales w.e.f 01.10.2000 and amendments of RRs for Civil/Elect/Arch wings.06.05.2015)

NEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened at the passing away of the beloved father of Com. Pulakesh Deka, SDE(RTTC), Guwahati,  on 29/04/2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Deka and his bereaved family.

National General Council(NGC) meeting of NCOA at Guwahati: The NGC of National Confederation of Officers Associations of Public Sector undertakings (NCOA) held at Guwahati on 27.04.2015 in Hotel Bhargav Grand. Com K. Sebastin, GS, Com Arvind Pal Dahiya, National Vice President, NCOA and AGS/SNEA(I), Com I. H. Mandal, CS/AS Circle and other activists of Assam Circle attended the NGC.

In the NGC of NCOA, detailed deliberations took place regarding next wage revision and issues to be focussed in the next wage revision committee. The core committee formed at Hyderabad NGC in which GS/SNEA(I) is a member will examine the proposals given by various member Associations and consolidate the views of NCOA in consultation with other sectors like Oil, Coal etc.30.04.2015) 

<<  View Photo  >>>


This is an umbrella organization of all affiliated
Executive Associations of CPSU.
NCOA is holding its National General Council meeting in Guwahati on 27th April, 2015 at the following venue :
Betkuchi, Lokhra, NH-37
(Near DTO Office, Opposite of Birla Temple, Guwahati
SNEA (India) is an affiliate Association of NCOA. Our GS, AGS, CHQ President are also participating in the NGC. The organizers have invited all the interested members of SNEA, Assam Circle to attend the meeting and to join the Grand Lunch. 25.04.2015)


"Congratulations to all the comrades of Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations for their overwhelming support to the two-day Strike on vital issues concerning survival of BSNL and our own survival. 

Our special thanks and congratulations to all the office bearers at all levels who made this strike a grand success in the sense that we are now well equipped for the DECISIVE FIGHT FOR OUR SURVIVAL. The huge increase in the figure of participation shows that awareness has reached the grass root level.

We are waiting for the outcome of discussion scheduled for 25th April to decide the future course of actions.

Salute to all the comrades.

Hats off to the District & Branch leaders and activists.23.04.2015)        


Strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015.

All the comrades of Assam Circle are requested to follow CHQ website regarding instructions for the strike on 21st & 22nd April 2015 20.04.2015)


As a part of agitation programs all SSA / Branch Secretaries are to send FAX or mail to CMD, DIR HR and DIR CFA on the charter of demands with copy to SNEA CHQ. All the District & Branch Secretaries of Assam Circle are to send the Faxes or e-mail.
Please follow CHQ website.( 07.04.2015)
SNEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved father of Com. Amar Deka, SDE (ETR), Guwahati, on 20-03-2015. On behalf of the whole SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal conveys heart-felt  condolences to Com. Deka and his bereaved family. Let the Almighty rest the departed soul in eternal peace!! ( 30.03.2015)
SNEA(I), Assam Circle deeply mourns the sad demise of the beloved father of Com. Dilip Kr. Medhi, Branch Secretary, Task Force, Guwahati, on 24/03/2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Medhi and his bereaved family.( 28.03.2015)

The Circle level Save BSNL convention of Assam Circle was held at Guwahati on 18th March, 2015 very successfully.( 21.03.2015)

. View Photo


The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations of Assam Circle is going to organize a circle level convention at Guwahati on 18th March 2015 at Panbazar Multipurpose Hall, Guwahati.
The Convention is organised to deliberate on the theme

Central HQ leaders of constituent Unions are expected to participate in the conventions besides circle level leaders and Senior Officers of Assam Circle & NE Task Force.


GS is bereaved
: With heavy heart and profound grief, we inform our Comrades that our beloved GS has lost his father at 1800hrs. on 20/01/2015. On behalf of SNEA(I), Assam Circle, CS Com. I. H. Mandal conveys heartfelt condolences to our GS and his bereaved family, and prays to the Almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul !


Welcome to Shri. Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL

CHQ President, GS, AGS Com. Vivek Wankhede along with Com. A A Khan, C/s BSNLCO and others welcomed Shri. Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL. GS presented a Beautiful Bouquet to the CMD, congratulated and conveyed best wishes on behalf of this association. CHQ president requested CMD to take immediate steps to curb the menace of growing corruption in this company and to act tough on growth and development issues to which CMD assured of right action and he assured discuss them in detail. He once again appreciated the stand taken by this association on various issues.

NEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved mother of Com.Upen Saikia, DE (External), Panbazar, on 13-01-2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Saikia and his bereaved family.


The Assam Circle branch of the United Forum comprising of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, BSNLEU and NFTE BSNL has taken up the following issues in its recent meetings at Guwahati :

1. The UF has taken the issue of near failure of BSNL Medical Reimbursement Scheme in the circle very seriously and has written a strong worded letter to CGMT Shri Rajeev Yadav and demanded immediate empanelment of all the good hospitals under Kamrup SSA and to extend necessary approval to all proposals received from other SSAs for their empanelment. The Forum has also requested CGMT to arrange one meeting immediately with the forum to discuss the matter at length.

                                                             << See the letter >> 

2. In response to the call of Central HQ on various demands, the United Forum will stage Dharna for three days on 6th, 7th & 8th January 2015. All the district bodies of the forum are requested to observe the Dharna program without causing any inconvenience to the customers.01.01.2015)


The Ray of hope , the Torch bearers showing paradigm shift of work culture in BSNL

Circle Secretary received a call from an unknown mobile number at around 1000 hrs on 25th December (the Christ mass Day) which happens to be a National Holiday. The caller identified himself as an officer from Intelligence branch stationed at Bongaigaon. The officer complained of one land line number going faulty in his office and requested CS to do something to rectify it. 


As all are aware, there is panic in BTAD area and nearby districts after the massacre of innocent people by militants and the Hon'ble Union Home Minister was scheduled to visit the area the very next day. It was a real challenge before CS in view of the perception of prevailing work culture in BSNL. The CS called DS /Bongaigaon Com. Subrata Dey and asked him to do everything to ensure that the land line number is rectified within an hour.

The result was a pleasant surprise ! Com. Omker Bhowmik, D/S, BSNLEU, Com. J. Upadhyay (DE) President of SNEA(I)/BGN , M. K. Nath, SDE/BGN, Mr. Jayanta Ghosh, Telecom Mechanic ..  all came into action immediately and the fault was rectified by 1100 hrs. 
Circle Secretary appreciates the officers and staff of Bongaigaon SSA for this noble gesture and for their excellent dedication to duty and also for setting an example for all others in BSNL to follow. 

There we see real change in work culture in BSNL, let us follow it, nurture it and take the company to a new high !(27.12.2014)

Kind attention of all employees of BSNL
Updating and entry of Service Book data / all information relating to your service is going on in HRMS package .  This is being done by your custodian of service book like AO/DDO/HR section etc. The same data will be copied to the ERP once it is implemented.
All employees should check and verify authenticity of the information and take steps for corrections, if required, for their own personal interest. This is essential to avoid complications in future. (16.10.2014)
Agitation on Kerala issue deferred: After detailed discussion with CMD, the Agitation on Kerala issue has been deferred. Details ..

In solidarity and support to the Kerala circle agitation, the following programme shall be observed at Circle and SSA HQs. All District Secretaries to make all out preparations to participate with toughest determination to defeat sinister attack to destabilize SNEA(I).

26th, 27th Sept: 2014:  Massive Lunch hour demonstration at all Circle and SSA HQs.

29th, 30th Sept and 01st October, 2014: Massive Relay Hunger strike at all Circle HQs.


SNEA(I), Assam Circle deeply mourns the sad demise of the beloved father of Com. R. Rajan, CHQ Treasurer, on 22/09/2014 in Tamilnadu while Com. Rajan was observing indefinite fast at Trivandrum on Kerala issue. Com. I.H.Mandal, CS, Assam expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Rajan and his bereaved family.

SNEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved mother of Com.Dipak Deb, President , Dibrugarh Division on 16-09-2014. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Deb and his bereaved family.

Mass Dharna on 18th Sept, 2014
Mobilize all the Executives.
Make extensive preparations for the Mass Dharna on 18th Sept 2014 demanding E2, E3 pay scales, 30% superannuation benefit, Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy, JTO to SDE promotions, Pay anomalies, Civil / Electrical issues, First TBP after 4 years, Filling the vacancies on DE Regular promotions etc. 
Mobilize all the Executives and Make it a great success.(17.09.2014)

Brief on CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries meet in New Delhi held on 5th & 6th Sept 2014
1. SNEA to jump in full force to face the notified Membership Verification in December 2014. As per authentic reports submitted by the circles, SNEA (India) is in a very comfortable position and sure to win maximum votes.  Moreover,  General Secretary, AIBSNLOA Com. Rakesh Shetty, while addressing the meet, has given clear signal in favour of SNEA (India).
2. SNEA (India) to continue its persistent fight for the pending demands of standard pay scales E2, E3...., 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruits, Promotion from JTO to SDE & JAO to AO and CPSU Cadre hierarchy etc. All executive comrades are requested to take active part in the remaining phase of agitation program
   a) Wearing of Black Badge and holding Lunch hour Demo on 11-9-2014
   b) Massive one day Dharna on 18-9-2014
3. To extend full support and solidarity towards the struggle of Kerala comrades. (08.09.2014)


Post card campaign  TODAY (02/09/2014): 

All District Secretaries  and Branch Secretaries are requested to send the post cards to CMD/BSNL, Secretary / DoT, DIR(CM / Fin), BSNL, DIR(CFA) / BSNL and GM(SR) / BSNL. 

 << Post card text  >>> (02/09/2014)
Circle Executive Committee meet at Jorhat on 29-8-2014
Assam Circle SNEA held its CEC Meet at Jorhat on 29-8-2014 in Hotel Manor in an excellent environment where CHQ President Com. G L Jogi and GS Com. K Sebastin took active part. The meeting started through an Open Session in the beautifully arranged hall by lighting of lamp by CGMT Assam Circle Shri Rajeev Yadav accompanied by Com Jogi and Com. Sebastin, Com V. Nath and Circle Secretary.
The Open Session was addressed by Circle Secretary, CHQ Leaders and and Chief Guest CGMT Assam Circle. All the Speakers expressed serious concern about the present state of affairs in BSNL and expressed their own commitments and appealed to all the executives for radical improvement in work culture for turning around the company. Circle Secretary apprised CGMT of the two serious issues pertaining to SNEA members in the circle viz. reversion of innocent members and pending case of Com. Pranab Das of Nagaon SSA. CGMT assured the house to take necessary steps in this regard. A Memorandum was also handed over to CGMT by Jorhat comrades on behalf of the circle on service matters.
The delegate session was addressed by CHQ leaders and gave a detailed account of the TU history associated with SNEA (India) besides discussion and interaction on membership verification, promotion issues and other burning issues concerning BSNL recruited executives and employees.
The CEC, on suggestion of CHQ Leaders, decided that the next Circle Conference will be held after Membership verification scheduled to take place in December 2014. Bongaigaon district expressed willingness to hold the next Circle conference and the house accepted the same.

Grand GB meeting at Guwahati : A grand GB meeting was held on 28-8-2014 at Guwahati where a large number of executives participated. The packed hall at Panbazar was addressed by CHQ leaders com. GL Jogi and Com. K Sebastin besides Com. V Nath, CS NE I and Circle Secretary Assam Circle.

District Conference of Jorhat : Jorhat District held its District Conference early morning on 29-8-2014 in the same hall where CEC was held. It was attended and addressed by Circle Secretary, ACS Com. Shyamal Dutta and CWC member Com. H P Dutta. A new District body was also elected with Com. Pranab Gogoi as President, Com. MUKESH MEENA as DS and Com. Mosfiqur Rahman as Treasurer. Three retired comrades Com. Debeswar Gogoi, Debeswar Nath and Com. Deben Tasa were given respectful farewell and the house wished for their happy retired life.

District Conference of Dibrugarh District : On 30-8-2014, the District Conference of Dibrugarh District was held which was addressed by CHQ Leaders Com. G L Jogi and General Secretary Com. K Sebastin. It was also attended by CS, ACS Com. Shyamal Dutta and CWC member Com. H P Dutta besides a few members of Jorhat. A new District body was elected with Com. Dipak Deb as President, Com. JAYANTA DAS as District Secretary and Com. Dhruva Das as Treasurer. Circle Secretary assured full support and cooperation to the new body and appealed for wholehearted support from all members to the new body under leadership of Com Jayanta Das.  (01.09.2014)

Circle Secretary serves Notice and Detailed (tentative) agenda for CEC  meet  on 29th August 2014 at Hotel Manorin Jorhat.

See the letters: Notice    Agenda 23.08.2014)

A Special GB meeting will be held at Panbazar on 28-08-2014 from 11.00 am. Com. K. Sebastin GS and Com. G.L. Jogi, President, will address the meet. All are requested by DS, Guwahati to attend the same positively.22.08.2014)

Circle Office issued Special Casual Leave for attending CEC meet of SNEA(I) at Jorhat. View the letter  16.08.2014)


Comrades, the tallest Central HQ Leaders Com. G. L. Jogi (President) and Com K Sebastin (GS) will tour Assam Circle for three days from 28th to 30th August 2014 and will address mammoth gatherings at Guwahati, Jorhat and Dibrugarh.

The detailed program is as follows :

 1. Guwahati District body shall organize a Grand GB meeting on 28th August (Thursday) at Guwahati. The members of nearby districts like Nagaon, Bongaigaon and also Silchar are requested to attend the Grand GB meeting. The Central HQ Leaders will address the meeting.


2. The Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Assam Circle will be held on 29th August (Friday) at Jorhat (Notice to be served soon). All the Circle Office bearers, District Secretaries, CEC members and also the Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the CEC meet. The members of the nearby districts like Tezpur and Dibrugarh may attend the CEC meet at Jorhat. The Central HQ Leaders Com. Jogi and Com. Sebastin will take active part in the CEC. Also the CGMT Assam Circle and GMTD Jorhat are expected to attend the meet.
3. The District body of Dibrugarh is going to hold District Conference on 30th August (Saturday). The CHQ leaders will address the conference at Dibrugarh before leaving for New Delhi.
Comrades, avail this opportunity to meet CHQ leaders and have fruitful interactions.
The District Secretaries of Guwahati, Jorhat and Dibrugarh to form powerful teams to make the respective programs a GRAND SUCCESS.
Circle Secretary appeals to all the members for active participation. (04.08.2014)
SNEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved mother of Com.Susanta Saha, SDE(MW Mtce) on 14-07-2014. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Saha and his bereaved family.(16.07.2014)
District conference, SILCHAR
Com. N. C. Bhagawati, DS of Kamrup District, requests all the members to renew expired BSNLMRS cards soon. Medical Claim Guidelines.
The Eligibility List of JTOs of Assam Circle
Under the initiative of CS, a Joint Action Committee meeting was held on 13/8/12 on the issue of letting out building space at Nagaon. JAC decided to pressurize management to open up CSC and give up the idea of offering to outside organizations on rent. A memorandum was also signed and submitted to all concerned. Click here to view the memorandum
As per resolution of last Circle Conference, the designated committee visited the new Admin. Building at Nagaon on 06/08/12 along with leaders of AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU to assess the feasibility of letting out the ground floor to other organization and also to open up BSNL CSC there. Later CS Com. I.H. Mandal addressed a GB meeting of Nagaon District in the evening.
On behalf of entire SNEA family, Com. I. H. Mandal, CS, offers heartfelt condolences to Com. Mridul Kalita, SDE(Vig), Circle Office, Guwahati, on the passing away of his mother on 02/09/2012. Let her soul rest in eternal peace.
For time bound financial up-gradation under EPP in Assam Circle, there are altogether 82 cases, either dropped or not recommended by the Screening Committee on various grounds. The cases are there in every SSA. All the cases have been referred back to respective SSA from Circle office for necessary corrective action. CS requests all the District Secretaries to pursue the matters as required, case by case basis, and send them back to circle office so that further DPC can take place at the earliest
Click here to download the letter signed by the CS and Pres. of SNEA(I), Assam, regarding formation of the new Circle Body. CS Com. I. H. Mandal requests all the DSes to personally hand it over to respective GMTDs.
Under the initiative of CS SNEA (india), a meeting of JAC comprising of AIBSNLEA, SNEA and BSNLEU, Assam Circle was held on 17.7.2012 at Guwahati & it was unanimously resolved to oppose any move of management to hire dark optical fiber from any private infra provider in the circle. Instead, the leaders urged upon the management to explore the possibility of using power distribution towers of APDCL/ASEB to built a stable and reliable transmission media in the circle. A memorandum in this regard was also signed and submitted to the all concerned.
Circle Secretary Com. I H Mandal extends thanks and gratitude to each and every member of SNEA(I), Assam Circle. Circle Secretary salutes the wisdom of the beloved members and appeal for wholehearted support and co-operation from entire membership. CS vows to maintain absolute transparency in decision making while resolvingissues of the members and in forming opinions on burning issues concerning our beloved company. CS hopes that with active involvement of members his second term will be marked as a tenure of unprecedented dynamism and achievements. Read the Message.
Click to view: Picture  | Video  |  CS Report Passed by the RC.

SNEA(I), Assam Circle, felicitates Com. Satyen Kr. Sarma, JTO(NIB), KTD and Com. Bishnu Deka, SDE(Mobile), KTD, for their unparallel & distinguished contribution in the fields of Assamese culture and iterature respectively. Read more about: Com. S. K. Sarma  | Com. Bishnu Deka.

Click here to view the newly formed Divisional Body of Guwahati Division, SNEA(I)

The 4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I), Assam Circle was held with great enthusiasm and massive participation at Guwahati on 30/06/12 & 01/07/12. Our beloved GS Com. K. Sebastin graced the occassion and explained the latest issues of concern. A spirited interactive session with our GS was also conducted on 01/07/2012. The delegate session, chaired by Com. V. Nath, had a detailed discussion on the Report presented by CS Com. H. P. Dutta. A new Circle Body was formed with Com. Vivek Nath as President, Com. I. H. Mandal as Circle Secretary, Com. H. P. Dutta as CWC Member and Com. Manik Ch. Deka as Treasurer. View the New Body..

The representative council of 5th Divisional Conference of Jorhat Division, SNEA(I), Assam, was held at Jorhat Telephone Exchange on 09-06-2012. A new Divisional Body was formed. Click here for details..

CS Com. H.P. Dutta has discussed the issue of local officiating arrangment with CGMT and GM(Admin/HR) with reference to his letter dated 10-04-12. GM(Admin/HR) has informed that JTO to SDE officiating list is expected to be issued within this month. SDE to DE officiating process will take some time due to certain clarification sought from BSNLCO, New Delhi.

On behalf of SNEA(I), Assam, CS Com. Dutta congratulates Mrs. Rekha Moni Saikia, w/o R. L.Bora, on being awarded the Ph.D. degree by Dibrugarh University. Read More..

CS Com. H.P. Dutta requests all the JTO comrades in general and District Secretaries in particular to go through the All India Eligibility list of JTOs(T) for any possible error and omission to report such cases to AGM(HR), C.O. positively by 31/05/2012. The Letter Annexure-I Annexure-II Annexure-III.

Based on the agreement signed between Management and Forum of BSNL Unions & Association, the indefinite strike stands deferred. Click for details..

Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations calls for Struggle. Click Here..

Order of special C/L to delegate of SNEA(I) to attend CC at Guwahati issued. View: the C/L Order | Delegate List of Guwahati

CS, on behalf of SNEA(I), Assam, Congratulates Mrs. Archana Mali on being awarded the Ph.D. degree by Gauhati University. Details..

Three members of SNEA(I) Assam - Com. Raj Kr. Nath, SDE(NSS-I), Com. Arun Kr. Das, SDE(TAX), Panbazar and Com. Mantu Kr. Baishya, SDE(IT) Data Centre, have been awarded with the 'Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak, 2011' in recognistion to their outstanding performance and devotion & dedication to BSNL service. On behalf of SNEA(I), Assam Circle, CS Com. H. P. Dutta congatulates them all. Details..

The 4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I), Assam, has been notified to be held at Guwahati on 15th and 16th June, 2012. Read details ...

CS Com. H. P. Dutta writes to CGMT, Assam Circle on two important issues, namely - 1. JTO to SDE and SDE to DET local Officiating arrangement, and 2. Accommodation of CGM, TF Office at Admn. Building, Panbazar to save lakhs of BSNL money. Read Details: 1 2

BSNL Executives of Assam Circle stage day-long Dharna in all SSAs including the Circle Office in a very impressive manner to protest against BSNL Management's suicidical policy decision. More.. Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Executives of BSNL Assam Circle participated in large number in the "Candle Light March" on 01/12/2011 demanding immediate repatriation of unabsorbed ITS officers to save BSNL. Glimpses: 1   2   3   4   5.

ITS Absorption: United Forum of BSNL/MTNL Executive Associations decides to protest against the move to sabotage the absorption process in the name of phased manner repatriation strategy. Read the Letter of the UF.

The Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA(I), Assam Circle was held on 25-08-2011 at Guwahati. The CEC members from all the seven Districts took part in the CEC which was addressed by our beloved GS, Com G L Jogi and AGS Com. A Khan amongst others. Read Details. Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The JAC of Assam Circle writes to the Chairman, JAC, CHQ for prompt stern action agisnt CGMT, Assam and GMTD, Bongaigaon.  Detail

The JAC, Assam Circle writes to the Convenor, JAC, CHQ for their whole hearted support and solidarity with the agitaion launched by JAC, Assam against the rampant corruption of CGMT & GM, Bonagaigaon.  Detail

Thousands of members from the JAC, Assam has gheraoed the O/o CGM, Assam Circle demanding immediate transfer of the most corrupt CGM Sri N. N.Banerjee and GMTD, Bongaigaon Sri B. N. Singh from Assam Circle. The CGMT has suddenly left Assam today even without offcial leave. The members gheraoed GM(Admin) Sri U. N. Mahalik and demanded to talk to the Dir(HRD) & convey the view of the JAC for immediate removal of both the corrupt officers Sri Banerjee and Sri Singh from Assam Circle within 3 days. After speakingwith Dir(HRD), the GM(Admin) has written to him highlighting the demands of the JAC. The agitation will continue till both the corrupt officers leave Assam Circle. The JAC also met the Chief Engineer(Electrical) to get the ill-designed Tender for outsourcing O&M of non-BSNL BTS sites cancelled. He has suspended the process of finalization of the Tender. GM(Admin) Letter | CE(E) Letter

Special C/L granted to CWC members of SNEA(I), Assam to attend the CEC meeting at Guwahati on 25-Aug-2011. Office Order || the List.

The JAC, Assam Circle writes to CMD, BSNL urging him to take stern immediate action against the anti-BSNL activities led by CGMT, Assam and followed by his Senior Officers like GM, Bongaigaon. Read the Letter

CS Com. H. P. Dutta writes to our GS Com. Jogi against the dangerous and detrimental policy of Assam Circle to outsource O&M activities of non-BSNL BTS Sites at a huge cost. Letter to GS   |  JAC Letter on the Issue

The autocratic behaviour and anti-BSNL attitude of the GMTD, Bongaigaon are highlighted in the print media. News in the Assam Tribune on 25/5/11.

District Body of SNEA(I), Bongaigaon District, has been dissolved by the CS with immediate effect and constituted a three members Ad-hoc Committee with Com. N. K. Chakravorty as President, Com. J. K. Dhar as Convenor and Com. Mizanur Rahman as Treasurer. Read the CS Letter.

Guwahati Division SNEA(I) gheraoed GM, Kamrup SSA, at his chamber on 11-03-2011 to protest against his deliberate inaction in assisting the restoration of OFC breakdown in various places and his indifference towards the serious problems encountered by field units in O&M of OFC, BTS and Broadband service. More than 60 membes were present and all comrades warned him not to indulge in wasteful expenditure at the cost of BSNL money. Circle President Com. V. Nath, CWC Member Com. I. H. Mandal and our DS Com. Shymal Dutta, amongst others, strongly asked him to work for the interest of BSNL. View: DS Letter    GM Letter

Outsourcing of Non-BSNL BTS Sites - evil design of CGM, Assam: CS spoke and wrote to CGM, Assam Circle to scrap the Tender for outsourcing of non-BSNL BTS sites in interest of BSNL. Read Details. View his letter.

A fervent appeal by Com. H. P. Dutta to all members. Read

Congratulation to Mrs. Mitashree Kalita Haloi, wife of Com. A. K. Haloi, for getting the Ph.D. degree from Gauhati University

International Hospital, Guwahati, has been empanelled under BSNLMRS Scheme as informed by DE(Admn), Kamrup. View Letter

Bongaigaon District Sanchar Nigam Executivesí Association held its 3rd District Conference at Bongaigaon on the 27th November, 2010. Circle Secretary, Com. H.P. Dutta as the guest of honour took part in the conference. A new Divisional Body was also formed with Com. Nazrul Islam as President, Com. Prabal Jyoti Brahma as DS and Com. Biplab Kumar Deb Singha as Treasurer along with others. Read More

The 5th CEC of SNEA(I) Assam Circle was held at Multipurpose Hall, Panbazar, Guwahati on 9th November, 2010. Various service related issues were discussed in the meeting in the light of the present scenario of the Circle. In the evening session CS H. P. Dutta and Sri N. N. Banerjee, CGMT Assam Circle addressed the CEC. Com I. H. Mandal, SDE(TP-1)/NETF and Com A. Roypradhanai, SDE(Mobile), Guwahati are co-opted unanimously by the CEC as CWC Member and ACS respectively.

CS Com. H.P.Dutta requests all Distric Secretaries to hold GB and Executive Body meeting to discuss O&M & development related issues of his District. They are requested to come with full preparation to attend the meeting as per the letter circulated by Circle Office. View Letter

The 6th Divisional Conference of Guwahati Division SNEA(I) was held on 24/09/10 with a day long program at the Panbazar IQ. The conference had a wide ranging discussion on various issues related to development of Telecom Networks, Customer care, Sales&Marketing etc. A number of resolutions were taken in this regard. A new Divisional Body was also formed. New Body. Photo: 1   2   3   4.

img src=newsdot.gif align=left border=0 width="15" height="15">General Secretary G L Jogi will address SNEA members at Guwahati on 3rd August at 3 PM. Circle Secretary H P Dutta request all members to attend the meeting. Com. Dutta requests all DSs to ensure participation in the meet. More..

The 3rd Dibrugarh Divisional Conference of SNEA(I) had been observed with a day long programme at Hotel Garden treat Dibrugarh on 8th May, 2010. Com.H.P. Dutta , CS, SNEA(I), Assam Circle attended the session and exchanged views and interacted with members on various technical aspects and methodical development of BSNL. A new Divisional Body had also been formed with Com. Moloy Chakraborty as President, Com. Dipak Deb Gogoi as DS and Com. Dhrubajyoti Das as Tresurer. More.. for LDCE book as per member's requirement.

Draft Gradation List of JTOs in Assam Telecom Circle compiled upto the recruitment year from 1995 to 2005 has been issued by the Circle authority. The Letter   The List

Com. H.P.Dutta, CS, writes to CGM, Assam Circle and CGM, ETR on the issues of correction of longest stay of SDE in Assam Circle list, accommodation of CGM, TF Office at Admn. Building, Panbazar, transfer of Level-l Tax from Maintenance region to Territorial Circle and inordinate administration under GMM, ETR, Guwahati. View Letters:  1   2   3   4

CGMT, Assam Circle writes to Com. V. Nath, CS, on the issue of facility of re-charging prepaid WLL using C-Topup. Detail..

The 4th Jorhat Divisional Conference of SNEA(I) had been observed with a day long programme at Jorhat Telephone Exchange on 13th March, 2010. A new Divisional Body had also been formed with Com. R. L. Bora as President, Com. Pranabjyoti Gogoi as DS and Com. N. C. Ghose as Tresurer amongst others. Read More  

Technical launch of 3G Mobile Service is done on 01.07.09 by CGM, Assam Circle. On the occassion, Com. V, Nath, CS, spoke about 3G and reaffirmed readiness to serve 24x7. Click here for feature of 3G & associated aspects.

Allotment of Recharge Vouchers and Top-up for the month of March,2009  View Report.

CS Com. V. Nath writes to Com. G.L.Jogi, GS, SNEA(I)CHQ, New Delhi against leasing out of BSNL Towers to private Operators.  Details.

CS Com. V. Nath writes to CGMT, Assam Circle on the issues of promotion from JTO to SDE(T) against seniority quota and withrawal of looking after management in the cadre of SDE(T).   Details

Order issued for promotion of 84 JTOs to SDE(Telecom) under 25% competitive quota. Congratulations Comrades.  View the Order

Nine SDEs(Telecom) of Assam Circle promoted to the cadre of STS of Adhoc Group-A on local officiating basis.  View the Order

Eligibility list of JTO(T) of Assam Circle. View Details

CS Com. Nath asks all the members not to sign any absorption form to exercise their option for repatriation to DOT.

CEC of SNEA(I) Assam Circle resolves not to take part in the day long Dharna program called on 08/12/2008

As directed by CEC, Jorhat the committee constituted by CEC has prepared the provisional by laws for formation of a trust for maintaining the SNEA(I)Bhawan, Guwahati. The provionary by laws with be put up for approval in ensuing Circle Conference to be held at Silchar. Members are requested to go through the by laws and come prepared for giving a final shape.  Details

SSA wise status report on CMTS, Broadband, L/L,WLL & Internet of Assam Circle as on 31-03-08.  Click for Details

CGMT, Assam Circle extends facility equivalent to DSA for BSNL Staff for boosting the selling of BSNL products and services.  The Order

Promotion Order for Promotion from JTO to SDE under 25% competitive quota.   View the List

Click Com. Pankaj Talukadar, SDE(Tech), O/o DGM(M), ETR, Guwahati has been selected for Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak, 2008 for his excellent performance and dedication to duty. Our Heartiest Congratulations to you Com. Talukadar.

Md. Nazrul Islam, JTO, Bongaigaon SSA has been awarded with Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak for his outstanding performance and devotion to duty. We all heartily congratulate you Com. Islam.

Eligibility list for promotion from JTO to SDE issued.   Details

Guwahati Division: The 5th Divisional Conference of the SNEA(I),Guwahati Division was held on 13/09/08 with a day long program at the Panbazar IQ. The conference had a wide ranging discussion on various issues related to the development of Telecom Networks, Surrender Cases, Marketing and Customer Care in Guwahati in context of the changing scenario of a competitive market. A number of resolutions were taken in this regard.   New Body

BSNL employees can now view their service details like Pay Data, Pay Slip, GPF Data, Career History, Appointment Details,Training Details, Address Details, Family details etc. from HR Employee Portal developed inhouse by IT Project Circle, Pune.   Login

CP Com. S. Bora, CS Com. V. Nath, CWC Member Com. M. Karki, ACS Com. R. Choudhury, DS GH Com. A. Roy Pradhani, DS Nagaon Com. J. Das, DS Bongaigaon Com. N. Islam, Com. P. Deka and Com. B. Chakrabarty met CMD Shri Kuldeep Goyel on 14.06.2008 at the chamber of CGMT, Assam Circle and discussed issues relating to the development of telecom services by BSNL in Assam Circle. A welcome note was also submitted by the association with a few points of strategic importance. Details

GSM Connection: 162220 new GSM connections have been added in Assam Circle in March, 2008. Nagaon-40396, Tezpur-25912, Silchar-23340, Kamrup-18586, Jorhat-18311, Dibrugarh-17948 and Bongaigaon-17727. This figure of 162220 connections is highest in the eastern region for March,08. CS Com. V. Nath congratulates each one associated for achieveing this milestone.

SSA wise Broadband Progress Status of Assam for February, 2008

CMTS status report of Assam Circle for the month of February, 2008

Com. Nath, CS writes to all DSes about the by laws to be legislated for maintenanace of SNEA Bhawan at Guwahati  Details
Holiday List for 2008   Scholarship to Wards of BSNL Staff
Joint Forum of Assam Circle writes to Sri Urkha Gwra Brahma, Hon'ble MP, requesting him to expedite the process of special recruitment of JTOs for Assam and North East Circles. Details

Booking of room at SNEA Bhawan: Members are requested to contact Com. Bijoy Singha(9435191810), Lecturer, RTTC/GH, for booking room at our SNEA Bhawan at Guwahati.

Com. Hemendra Prasad Dutta(left pic), SDE, NETF, Jorhat and Com. Sekhar Roy(right pic), JTO, NETF, Silchar have been honoured with the 'Vishist Sanchar Seva Padak' for 2005-06 in recognition of their outstanding devotion and dedication to work. Congrats, Comrades.