CHQ EDITORIAL    (01/12/2016)

Pull up your sleeves, roll over your socks and gird your loins for imminent and inevitable struggle to get E2, E3 scales- post membership verification- real testing and formidable challenge. 

The recent retrograde move in DoT to extend E1 and E2 pay scales for all the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 by replacing higher intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A not only deserves strongest condemnation but unquestionably calls for itly tough but protracted one. The challenge before us is all the more formidable because we do not have enough time at hand in view of the fact that 3rd PRC is reportedly moving very fast towards finalization of its recommendations and the issue of E2 and E3 scales is necessarily to be resolved before 3rd PRC report.

Resolution of the issue becomes more challenging in view of the fact that BSNL Management is taking full advantage of the divided opinion among the Executive Associations on this issue and, with sinister designs, has proposed to upgrade all the pay scales up to E7 scale, which is only meant to make sure that getting legitimate and just issue of E2 and E3 scales settled is getting defeated. BSNL management got a very fertile and hunting ground to play and it is playing, 

So, on the standard pay scale issue, the Management, the DoT and some Associations have the common agenda, to tacitly torpedo E2, E3 pay scales though, for obvious reasons, they do not admit it publicly. BSNL just wants to somehow shirk its responsibility by passing the buck to the DoT and pretend that their job is over. It is amply clear from the fact that the Management never bothered to pursue the matter with the DoT during the last six months, though the proposal was sent to the DoT in June, 2016. One Associationís  stubbornness and insistence for cascading effect on implementation of E2, E3 pay scales is aimed at derailing and denying our legitimate demand for E2, E3. They pose in public as if demanding for E2, E3 pay scales but during discussions, they are stubborn on cascading factor as a pre-condition for E2 and E3! Since their demand suits the Management, it always sides with them conveniently projecting false impression to the Executives.

Therefore to realise our demand for E2, E3 pay scale issue, it is imperative that only one voice is heard from the Association side by the Management. Then and then only the divisive tactics of the Management can be thrown to the winds. With the help of such Associations, the BSNL and the DoT are biding the time till the 3rd PRC. But in order not to fall prey to their ulterior designs, we have to ensure that the E2, E3 pay scales issue gets resolved before 3rd PRC. That is why it is our prime challenge immediately on completion of membership verification.   

Having said that, SNEA is not going back from its demand of E2, E3, --- E7 pay scales. This has been our demand ever since absorption in 2002-03. After the 2nd PRC, we revived it. Individually and in the banner of United Forum, we struggled for E2, E3, -- E7 pay scales from 2009 to 2014. When the demand for up gradation of all the pay scales up to E7 posed the greatest stumbling block even to get the standard pay scales of E2 and E3, with the threat of demotion of the basic cadres from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2 pay scales staring us in the face, we had to take a strategic decision in 2014 to focus on E2, E3 pay scales for the time being to protect the basic cadres from demotion. When others insisted for upgradation of all the pay scales and even someone demanded E2, E3 scales from 01.10.2000, SNEA could sense the danger of demotion of the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO to E1 and E2 pay scales. Thereafter the SNEA alone started agitations which resulted in the final rejection of the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A by DPE in 2014 and reconstitution of the defunct Joint Committee as Khan Committee in May, 2015. As we have done in the past, we had to resort to the strategy of getting E2, E3 scales approved for the time being, keeping our demand for E2, -- E7 open. Once E2, E3 pay scales are approved before the 3rd PRC, it will naturally lead to E7 in the coming days. Nobody can stop us from moving to E7 in that situation. 

Once the basic issue of standard pay scales are addressed, the pay parity of Rs 22820/- for 2007 and 2008 rect JTOs at par with 2005 batch JTOs and 2010 batch JAOs are to be taken up on highest priority for very obvious reasons. Such an incredible and alarming pay disparity between pre and post 2007 JTO is not only unjust and irrational but surely calls for resolution conclusively and comprehensively. We are quite firm and convinced on this issue of removing such a huge parity at the earliest.

I.        The bargaining power depends on the majority of the recognized Association and that in turn decides the acceleration in settling the issues.

After the ensuing membership verification, there will be only two Associations in the BSNL with any rights, worth the name, the recognized majority Association and the support Association. Other Associations will not even have the right for an informal meeting with the Management at any level. All policy matters and HR issues will be discussed and negotiated only with the majority Association and no other Association, including the support Association will have these rights. Therefore in the membership contest, the majority that the recognized Association can accrue matters most, in terms of the bargaining power it can command. Multiplicity of Associations will only help and aid the management, not the Executives, in derailing resolution of issues in a maaner it is being done now. A strong Executive Association, like those in other CPSUs, can dictate the future of the Executives in BSNL. Even a single vote lost by the majority Association will cost the Executives dearly and the loss, if created cannot be offset in the near future. Therefore it is our fervent appeal to stand in favour of the only Association that can command the maximum support in the current scenario. No one has any doubt that it is the SNEAAny vote not polled or against the SNEA is a vote to the Management to rule the Executives like dictators. We, therefore, appeal to each and every Executive to go to the polling booths on 7th December to vote for the Executives and against the ManagementYes, take it as your honourable responsibility to cast your valuable votes in favour of the SANCAHR NIGAM EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATION at Sl. No.9 to strengthen the hands of the Executives and choose the SNEA to be the recognized Association with a huge majority and great bargaining power.