Sanchar Nigam Executives' Association

Sanchar Nigam Executives' Association

Gleams of 7th Circle Conference of SNEA Assam

7th Circle Conference
7th Circle Conference
7th Circle Conference
7th Circle Conference
7th Circle Conference
7th Circle Conference

7th Circle Conference of SNEA Assam is held at Guwahati on 7th and 8th November 2021. Successful conductance of the conference was possible for active participation of the circle executives members, delegates who have represented the mighty association from knock and corners of the Assam Circle. The District body and members of Guwahati division have done splendid job by extending physical and financial support to the circle organization. Specially Kamrup team did an extraordinary job. They planned all the programs relating to conference and executed with perfection and full dedication. We extend our sincere gratitude to all the members of their active participation.

CHQ President Com. A. Khan, GS Com. K Sebastin and Com. IH Mandal, Joint Secy(East) grace the occasion as Central Observers. In connection with the conference an open session was organised on 8th November. The chief Guest Mr AK Pahi, CGM Assam Circle, Special Guest Mr A Sarma, CGM , Core Network ( NER) , GM Kamrup, GM (Admin) , GM(EB) , GM( CFA) were graced the open session. Circle Secretaries of AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA, BSNLEU, NFTE were also present in the open session.

The representative council of SNEA Assam Circle unanimously constituted the new Circle Body for the next term the members :

  • Circle President:
    1. Com. Nazrul Islam
  • Vice President:
    1. Com. Jayanta Das
    2. Com. Dilip Ghosh
  • Circle Secretary:
    1. Com. Barun Baruah
  • Assistant Circle Secretary:
    1. Com. Uttam Dey
    2. Com. Sonu Kumar Singh
    3. Com. Abhijit Chanda
    4. Com. Sanjeeb Malakar
    5. Com. Chandan Borah
  • CWC Members:
    1. Com. Hemendra Prasad Dutta
    2. Com. Dipak Deb
  • Circle Treasurer:
    1. Com. Sumanta Nandi Purkayastha
  • Org Secretary:
    1. Com. Raju Sutradhar
    2. Com. Partha Pratim Bora
    3. Com. Jayashree Larah
    4. Com. Joyprakash Pokhrel
    5. Com. Nilamani Deka

Lunch hour demonstrations at BSNL Bhawan, Panbazar

Lunch hour demonstrations at BSNL Bhawan, Panbazar for immediate implementation of Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion in all streams from 01.07.2018 onwards with parity through the new promotion policy, BEPPARR 2017 approved by the Board.

SNEA Assam Circle is held an informal meeting with CGM Sri Sandeep Govilji on 01-09-2020. Many important HR issues of executies including O&M issues have been discussed and decided as follows-

Bullet 01Rule-8 transfer:

We have explained that 26 JTOs under Rule -8 transfer cases in Assam Circle are lying pending for necessary order. We also reminded about the gentleman commitment that he made with our association to consider rule-8 transfer cases immediately after VRS-2019. We have placed in record that sufficient number of JTOs and JEs are available in our circle. After merger of Bongaigaon and Nagaon SSA with Kamrup and Tezpur respectively wef 01.10.2020, excess JTOs may be accommodated against rule-8 cases. Similar exercise may be applied for NETF and ETR as both the circles are planned for merger. The CGM has convinced with our arguments and assured us to discuss the matter with respective SSAs head, so that rule-8 cases may be considered at the earliest. We have submitted a letter to relieve all the rule-8 cases without further delay. View the letter

Bullet 01Confirmation of service for JTOs/ JAOs:

We have requested CGM to start the process for confirmation of service of JTOs/ JAOs on completion of probationary period as per existing rules. CGM responded immediately and assured us to complete the confirmation process at the earliest.

Bullet 01Backbone media issue:

We are continuously persuing the matter with CGM Assam Circle & PGM ETR for reliable transmission media from Guwahati to Chennai. We have witnessed that recently backbone media is slightly improved after induction of PGCIL link. Due to media issue, our broadband and FTTH customers are badly affected. CGM assured us to work further on backbone media issue and requested us to apprise him immediately if notice.

Bullet 01Renting out of vacant space/ accomodation for generating additional revenue:

We wish to know about the development of Assam Circle on the issue of renting out of free/ vacant space to other agencies as decided and target set by the corporate office. CGM informed that Assam Circle is already finalized rent with Assam Gramin Bikash Bank, Smart City office and GST office against free space of BSNL Bhawan, Panbazar and likely to be occupied by the end of September, 2020. Similarly, deal with Panjab National Bank is finalized against free space of RTTC Guwahati. CGM requested SNEA to find out any free space/ accomodation that can be rented out in other SSAs also.

Bullet 01Occupation of CTO Building Panbazar by DoT cell:

We strongly opposed for occupation of CTO Building by DoT cell Guwahati. The DoT cell has designed a dirty game to occupy the CTO building in the name of renting. DoT cell Assam is yet to pay long pending dues to BSNL inspite of hardship being faced by the BSNL. We have suggested that the vacant space of CTO building may be filled up by shifting some in house offices of BSNL Bhawan. CGM has agreed to look into the matter seriously for the greater interest of BSNL.

Bullet 01Functioning of Aadhar Kendra at BSNL premises:

In view of COVID-19, functioning of Adhar Kendra halted. Now, management has desired to open the Adhar Kendra as per latest guide lines of UIDAI. Most of the Aadhar Kendras of other organisations have started normal functioning. We demanded that suitable instructions should be given to all SSAs head for provisioning of adequate precautions as per protocol of COVID-19 before opening of Aadhar Kendra. We also demanded that BSNL recruited JEs having Engineering Graduate/ Diploma should be immediately replaced with suitable group C&D staff in Aadhar Kendra. These JEs may be entrusted with other technical works for generation of more revenue. CGM agreed with us and assured to talk with SSA head for necessary arrangements.

In addition to above some other issues are also discussed regarding improvement of bsnl services in Assam Circle.

The meeting was lasted almost 2 hours and ended with happy notes for kind cooperation.

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Result of 2nd MV Executive Election BSNL, Assam Circle
Circle Office, Ghy 61 41 28 2
Kamrup 43 30 10 1
Nagaon 22 21 4 1
Dibrugarh 35 22 1 0
Bongaigaon 17 24 8 0
Tezpur 17 24 6 1
Silchar 19 21 13 2
Jorhat 40 10 10 0
Total 254 193 80 7

GS SNEA Com K Sebastin addressing various issue of BSNL executives'

It is for kind information and clarification to all district secretaries regarding the complaint letter of CS, AIGETOA over the multiple options forms being submitted by an executive for change of membership. The AIGETOA is the master of misinterpretation. Question of multiple options will arise when all the option forms are found valid. He has cited the corporate office letter of 2008 when multiple valid option forms were received by the DDO against the same employee in membership verification of non executives. But, in our case, question of multiple options doesn't arise at all because the concerned executive has given written declaration to the DDO that his/ her earlier option for change of membership should be treated as cancel. If such declaration would haven't been submitted by the executive within the stipulated time frame, we could have been termed as multiple options.

Secondly, AIGETOA has violated the orders of competent authority for change of membership. It is learnt, they have got filled up and signed the option form away back in 5 to 6 months without putting date. Now, they have submitted those option forms under current date. In true sense, this practice of AIGETOA is unethical. As per orders of corporate/ circle office change of option for destruction of subscription was supposed to be exercised inbetween 16th June to 15 th July, 2020.

A formal letter has been given to CGM with a copy to all GMTDs. View the letter

Bongaigaon SSA

Wearing Black Badge & Demonstration.

Bongaigaon SSA

Nagaon SSA

Wearing Black Badge & Demonstration.

Nagaon SSA

Tezpur SSA

Wearing Black Badge & Demonstration.

Tezpur SSA

Jorhat SSA

Wearing Black Badge & Demonstration.

Jorhat SSA

Dibrughar SSA

Wearing Black Badge & Demonstration.

Dibrugarh SSA

Silchar SSA

Wearing Black Badge & Demonstration.

Silchar SSA

SNEA, Assam Circle has successfully observed the agitation program called by All Unions and Associations of BSNL(AUAB) by Wearing Black Badge and Black flag demonstrations on 16.07.2020. Demanding immediate rolling out of 4G network by BSNL (through upgradation, Add on and new tender), implementation of the assurances given in the Revival Package and immediate measures for improving BSNL services.

Circle Executive Committee (CEC) meeting of SNEA Assam Circle was held on 28-06-2020(Sunday), through Video Conferencing. CHQ President Com. A.A. Khan, General Secy. Com. K. Sebastian, Jt. Secy. (North) Com. Sumit Sexena, Jt. Secy. (East) Com. IH Mandal, all CEC members, CWC member, all District Secratary and some active members of Assam Circle participated in the CEC meeting. It was an wonderful experience to conduct CEC meeting for the first time through Video Conferencing. Meeting started at 11.30 am and ended at 6 pm. All the CHQ leaders addressed the gathering.

Com. K. Sebastian high lighted many important issues including SAB, E2/E3 pay scale, promotion, CPSU hierarchy, Rule-8 cases, latest developments on 4G tender, disbursement of salary, financial viability of BSNL, forthcoming membership verification etc. He categorically stated that the AIGETOA has virtually stopped all promotion by filing court cases against department where in their leaders have already secured their promotional posts. The common members of AIGETOA should ask the leaders to surrender their promotional posts before challenging the policy under which they have been promoted.

Com. Khan requested all members of SNEA to be united to defeat the sinister design of management and some other association to break the unity of executives under the banner of SNEA. He stated firmly that as per as member strength is concerned on post VRS, the SNEA will be number one association in next membership verification. But, he stressed that all executives should come under one plateform like all other CPSU for the common interest of members and bsnl in particular. Management always play dubious role on some important and genuine issues taking advantage of multiple opinions put forward by each individual association having different ideology.

Com. Sexena and Com. Mandal requested all CEC members to understand the ground realities to all young executives about the importance of a strong association in BSNL. Association formed on isolated ideology can't meet up the requirements of all categories of executives working in BSNL. Com. HP Dutta, CWC member also addressed the gathering from Jorhat and request all CEC members to work vigorously for enrollment of new members to SNEA.

The association which is working against the common interest of all executives should be exposed to all. Regarding Rule-8 cases, Com. K. Sebastian categorically stated that he is aware of the burning issue including the 24 cases of Assam Circle. In this regard he held several rounds of discussion with Director (HR) but couldn't not materialize the assurances due to post vrs scenario. However, Director (HR) is very much positive and gave assurances that after membership verification matter shall be discussed further for settlement of the issue.

As we know that after vrs, post of few circle Office bearers become vacant. So, for the greater interest of our association and as per provision of constitution of SNEA, vacant posts are being co-opted by CEC unanimously in presence of observers President, General Secy, Jt. Secretaries of CHQ,SNEA, New Delhi. Now, the complete circle office bearers of SNEA Assam Circle is as follows-

  • Circle President:
    1. Com. Suresh Chandra Borah, AGM, Nagaon
  • Vice President:
    1. Com. Nazrul Islam, DE(TP), NETF, Guwahati
    2. Com. Dhrubajyoti Das, AGM, Dibrugarh
  • Circle Secretary:
    1. Com. Barun Baruah, JTO, Guwahati
  • Assistant Circle Secretary:
    1. Com. Jayanta Das, AGM, Dibrugarh
    2. Com. Basudeb Deka, AD, CTSD, CO, Guwahati
    3. Com. Bijoy Krishna Sonowal, CAO, CO, Guwahati
    4. Com. Nilamani Deka, JTO, Guwahati
    5. Com. Chandan Borah, JTO, Nagaon
  • CWC Members:
    1. Com. Hemendra Prasad Dutta, DE(TP), NETF, Jorhat
    2. Com. Mrinmoy Bhuyan, AGM(Mobile Infra), Guwahati
  • Circle Treasurer:
    1. Com. Sumanta Nandi Purukayashtha, AD(MSC), Guwahati
  • Org Secretary:
    1. Com. Arunjyoti Saikia, AD(MSC), Guwahati
    2. Com. Abhijit Chanda, AGM, ETR, Jorhat
    3. Com. Subhabrata Sinha, JTO, Silchar
    4. Com. Bibhuti Shekhar, JTO, Guwahati
    5. Com. Partha Pratim Borah, JTO, Jorhat

CS Com. Barun Baruah requests all the DSes to remain vigilant to obviate malicious fake news being floated by some other association stating that SNEA may not be in existence post VRS-2019 to get the support of our younger members. CS assures the young comrades that SNEA is always with them. Total strength of SNEA members in Assam Circle post VRS-2019 outnumbers that of all other associations taken together.

Oath taking by new Circle Body

CEC meeting of SNEA Assam was held successfully at Guwahati on 04.01.2020. Com. CS, Com. GS and Com. Jt Secretary(East) attended and addressed the meeting. A new Ad-hoc Circle Body was formed. The CEC unanimously elected the following office bearers:

  • Circle President: Com. Suresh Bora.
  • Circle Secretary: Com. Barun Baruah.
  • Treasurer: Com. Allauddin Ahmed.

The CEC also gratefully appreciated the contributions of the outgoing body.

Cs requests all the general members of SNEA Assam to attend the open session of the CEC to be held from 12:30 hrs on 04-Jan-2020 at BSNL Multipurpose Hall, Panbazar. General Secretary Com. K Sebastin will address the meet.

CS Com. A. Roy Pradhani has called a CEC meeting on 4th January 2020 at Panbazar VIP IQ. The meeting will start from 10 am onwards. All concerned ar requested to attend the CEC in time.

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CS, SNEA Assam

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