The heat and dust has settled down in Nanded. The SNEA stalwarts have gone home. I am sure not for rest. But for another innings.  Full of strength. Full of courage. Full of determination. They know that the battle goes on. They know that the struggle must continue. That is why anyone and everyone would love to be their captain. And this time the mantle has fallen on me. I accept it with grace, with gratitude and at the same time with all humility. I am aware of the huge responsibility that I carry on my shoulders. But then again it gives me dignity and honor because this great force will all stand with me- stand by me. And hence the responsibility becomes no burden but a blessing with so many courageous hands and hearts to boost me up.

Perhaps a mixture of various feelings and emotions engulf my heart when I write these first few lines as the General Secretary of the greatest Association. Yes, indeed I am honored and privileged to be chosen to lead the Executives of BSNL for the next term. I do not propose to weigh my credentials but I am confident that I have an inner strength and a great will to work hardest  that will surely stand me in good stead . But for sure, it is the  wholehearted support of my colleagues, and more so, the grass-root  member that eggs on my inner strength and confidence. Yes, Comrades, I have no doubt that you will not spare any effort in strengthening me and the entire set of new office-bearers taking charge of the Association. The times are not that good- with so many problems staring us in the face, not only on our career front but even more on the fortunes of BSNL. Our predecessors have definitely done a magnificent job, but as they always reminded you the battle is far from over. Rather it has but begun. The ITS absorption issue, the E2,E3 –payscales, the CPSU cadre hierarchy, the lack of professional and corruption-free Management , the negative policies of the Government , the lack of concern for the social obligation met by BSNL and many many more should hold our careful attention in the immediate future. I am sure we will be able to tackle them with extreme care but only with your unqualified support. I am sure you will be equal to the requirements of our daily chores and cares.

I am slightly over-awed knowing fully well that we own a very great legacy. Great leaders like Com. W.Sehagiri Rao and Com G.L.Jogi has bequeathed us such a proud treasure that we may not be able to excel but at least try to protect like the cornea of our eyes.  You all know  and I need not repeat that it was Com. W.Sehagiri Rao, who brought about the envious status of the JTO Cadre, with no other Executive/ Officer in a PSU/ Govt at our level equal to our status and stature. His astute care and diligence in the consistent and persistent pursuance of issues related to the cadre, won for it this once-thought impossible glory. He not only laid this unassailable foundation but built on it an equally magnificent structure which we all enjoy and even boast about. But for his visionary foresight  and heroic efforts , we today would not be sharing this platform. Yes, SNEA was his brain-child, to which our senior Comrades under the impressive, towering and unfailing leadership of Com. G.L.Jogi, responded and co-operated equally well. Similarly Com. G.L.Jogi, from whom I inherit the leadership, is such an unforgettable and unassailable fighter and leader with no equals to be found anywhere in the country. Absorption of Executives on terms and conditions, in the company of Com. W.Sehagiri Rao, lateral promotions, sweeping reforms in pay revision through interaction with the 2nd pay panel, BSNL MS RRs and  MT RRs, which broke open the hitherto existing bottleneck for promotions of senior Comrades are but some of his most memorable achievements. Who can ever forget his courageous and unrelenting fight against corruption in high places, exposing the 2G scam, the 3G roaming issue, the misdeeds of ex- CMD, Dir (CM) etc? His great concern for the financial viability of BSNL, the guiding spirit of all his actions, has immensely contributed to the existence of BSNL at least at this level, which otherwise would have been destroyed and demolished by now. His fight with the Govt and its agencies for protecting the fortunes of the BSNL both on the policy front and the financial front are so daring that no one can match him.  His video interaction with Sri. Sam Pitroda  during the open session of the Nanded Conference alone would stand testimony to greatness of a leader who cannot be surpassed by anyone else in the whole country. Yes, indeed I consider it a great privilege and fortune to have him as our CHQ President to lead us, guide us and be our mentor.

I would also treasure the valuable advices from all leaders, including Com A.A.Khan, who unfortunately are not in our list of office-bearers. Further, I seek the whole-hearted support of all Circle Secretaries, you are so valuable and I would honestly be fair in all my dealings with you. All our differences end with the conclusion of the democratic process at Nanded.

I, once again, beseech the total support of all our leaders and grass-root members to take this Association to further greatness, particularly in these times of trouble and turmoil. Yes, I solicit your guidance, your advice and even your criticisms. But there is just one rider to it. Let your criticisms be positive and forward-looking to mend and correct our ways; but never, never, destructive. Because I am just an ordinary, fallible human being!  Give me the ammunition and the strength for all the ensuing battles- 24x7, 365 days in each year. On my part I promise that I will never ever sleep letting your problems, issues and rightful demands aside.  As I have already stated we have all grown up under towering leaders, who have no replacement , which simply means that I need your extra strength, extra support.

Together we shall march to greater heights of glory.  Yes, Comrades, I am putting my foot forward strong, solid and firm, simply banking on your strength, your extra care.


Comradely Yours,

K. Sebastin,

General Secretary.