Current Events Updated on 21.05.2015)
The 9th  Divisional Conference of Guwahati Division: The  conference will  be held on 23/05/2015, Saturday, from 9 am at Panbazar IQ.  DS Com. N. C. Bhagawati requests full participation of the members to make it a grand success.

>> Click Here for the Detailed Program of Agenda.

NEA(I), Assam Circle deeply mourns the sad demise of the beloved father of Com. D.N. Pegu, DGM(Admin), Circle Office, Guwahati,  on 10/05/2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. N.C. Bhagawati, DS, Guwahati District, and CS Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Pegu and his bereaved family.

As per the assurance given by CMD, orders issued reconstituting the joint committee. As SNEA suggested, Sri Mohd Ashraf Khan, ED(NB) has been made the Chairman and only 3 months time given. First meeting is already fixed on 15th May, as our Association suggested.11.05.2015)
CMD called for discussion on charter of demands. After detail discussion with CMD, DIR HR and ED Fin on all the issues contained in the notice and concrete assurances that issues would be resolved by 15th August, CHQ has decided call off the programs of action.
Congrats to one and all. 09.05.2015) 

MASS DHARNA ON 07.05.2015

All Circle/SSA/Branch Secretaries and activts to make all out preparations for the Mass Dharna on 07.05.15 at CHQ/Circle/SSA HQs and make it 100% success. Focus on door to door campaign and gate meetings.

All the Executives are requested to join the struggle to protect the cadre from demotion to E1 and E2 scales and to settle other HR issues.


   Standard Pay scales of E2, E3, ---- for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc upto SGJAG. No demotion of the basic cadres JTO and SDE.

        Time Bound Functional Promotion between 4 - 6 years.

        Settlement of Pay Anomalies, antedating etc.

        First TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

        Upgraded pay scales w.e.f 01.10.2000 and amendments of RRs for Civil/Elect/Arch wings.06.05.2015)

NEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened at the passing away of the beloved father of Com. Pulakesh Deka, SDE(RTTC), Guwahati,  on 29/04/2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Deka and his bereaved family.

National General Council(NGC) meeting of NCOA at Guwahati: The NGC of National Confederation of Officers Associations of Public Sector undertakings (NCOA) held at Guwahati on 27.04.2015 in Hotel Bhargav Grand. Com K. Sebastin, GS, Com Arvind Pal Dahiya, National Vice President, NCOA and AGS/SNEA(I), Com I. H. Mandal, CS/AS Circle and other activists of Assam Circle attended the NGC.

In the NGC of NCOA, detailed deliberations took place regarding next wage revision and issues to be focussed in the next wage revision committee. The core committee formed at Hyderabad NGC in which GS/SNEA(I) is a member will examine the proposals given by various member Associations and consolidate the views of NCOA in consultation with other sectors like Oil, Coal etc.30.04.2015) 

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This is an umbrella organization of all affiliated
Executive Associations of CPSU.
NCOA is holding its National General Council meeting in Guwahati on 27th April, 2015 at the following venue :
Betkuchi, Lokhra, NH-37
(Near DTO Office, Opposite of Birla Temple, Guwahati
SNEA (India) is an affiliate Association of NCOA. Our GS, AGS, CHQ President are also participating in the NGC. The organizers have invited all the interested members of SNEA, Assam Circle to attend the meeting and to join the Grand Lunch. 25.04.2015)


"Congratulations to all the comrades of Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations for their overwhelming support to the two-day Strike on vital issues concerning survival of BSNL and our own survival. 

Our special thanks and congratulations to all the office bearers at all levels who made this strike a grand success in the sense that we are now well equipped for the DECISIVE FIGHT FOR OUR SURVIVAL. The huge increase in the figure of participation shows that awareness has reached the grass root level.

We are waiting for the outcome of discussion scheduled for 25th April to decide the future course of actions.

Salute to all the comrades.

Hats off to the District & Branch leaders and activists.23.04.2015)        


Strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015.

All the comrades of Assam Circle are requested to follow CHQ website regarding instructions for the strike on 21st & 22nd April 2015 20.04.2015)


As a part of agitation programs all SSA / Branch Secretaries are to send FAX or mail to CMD, DIR HR and DIR CFA on the charter of demands with copy to SNEA CHQ. All the District & Branch Secretaries of Assam Circle are to send the Faxes or e-mail.
Please follow CHQ website.( 07.04.2015)
SNEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved father of Com. Amar Deka, SDE (ETR), Guwahati, on 20-03-2015. On behalf of the whole SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal conveys heart-felt  condolences to Com. Deka and his bereaved family. Let the Almighty rest the departed soul in eternal peace!! ( 30.03.2015)
SNEA(I), Assam Circle deeply mourns the sad demise of the beloved father of Com. Dilip Kr. Medhi, Branch Secretary, Task Force, Guwahati, on 24/03/2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Medhi and his bereaved family.( 28.03.2015)

The Circle level Save BSNL convention of Assam Circle was held at Guwahati on 18th March, 2015 very successfully.( 21.03.2015)

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The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations of Assam Circle is going to organize a circle level convention at Guwahati on 18th March 2015 at Panbazar Multipurpose Hall, Guwahati.
The Convention is organised to deliberate on the theme

Central HQ leaders of constituent Unions are expected to participate in the conventions besides circle level leaders and Senior Officers of Assam Circle & NE Task Force.


GS is bereaved
: With heavy heart and profound grief, we inform our Comrades that our beloved GS has lost his father at 1800hrs. on 20/01/2015. On behalf of SNEA(I), Assam Circle, CS Com. I. H. Mandal conveys heartfelt condolences to our GS and his bereaved family, and prays to the Almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul !


Welcome to Shri. Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL

CHQ President, GS, AGS Com. Vivek Wankhede along with Com. A A Khan, C/s BSNLCO and others welcomed Shri. Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL. GS presented a Beautiful Bouquet to the CMD, congratulated and conveyed best wishes on behalf of this association. CHQ president requested CMD to take immediate steps to curb the menace of growing corruption in this company and to act tough on growth and development issues to which CMD assured of right action and he assured discuss them in detail. He once again appreciated the stand taken by this association on various issues.

NEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved mother of Com.Upen Saikia, DE (External), Panbazar, on 13-01-2015. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Saikia and his bereaved family.


The Assam Circle branch of the United Forum comprising of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, BSNLEU and NFTE BSNL has taken up the following issues in its recent meetings at Guwahati :

1. The UF has taken the issue of near failure of BSNL Medical Reimbursement Scheme in the circle very seriously and has written a strong worded letter to CGMT Shri Rajeev Yadav and demanded immediate empanelment of all the good hospitals under Kamrup SSA and to extend necessary approval to all proposals received from other SSAs for their empanelment. The Forum has also requested CGMT to arrange one meeting immediately with the forum to discuss the matter at length.

                                                             << See the letter >> 

2. In response to the call of Central HQ on various demands, the United Forum will stage Dharna for three days on 6th, 7th & 8th January 2015. All the district bodies of the forum are requested to observe the Dharna program without causing any inconvenience to the customers.01.01.2015)


The Ray of hope , the Torch bearers showing paradigm shift of work culture in BSNL

Circle Secretary received a call from an unknown mobile number at around 1000 hrs on 25th December (the Christ mass Day) which happens to be a National Holiday. The caller identified himself as an officer from Intelligence branch stationed at Bongaigaon. The officer complained of one land line number going faulty in his office and requested CS to do something to rectify it. 


As all are aware, there is panic in BTAD area and nearby districts after the massacre of innocent people by militants and the Hon'ble Union Home Minister was scheduled to visit the area the very next day. It was a real challenge before CS in view of the perception of prevailing work culture in BSNL. The CS called DS /Bongaigaon Com. Subrata Dey and asked him to do everything to ensure that the land line number is rectified within an hour.

The result was a pleasant surprise ! Com. Omker Bhowmik, D/S, BSNLEU, Com. J. Upadhyay (DE) President of SNEA(I)/BGN , M. K. Nath, SDE/BGN, Mr. Jayanta Ghosh, Telecom Mechanic ..  all came into action immediately and the fault was rectified by 1100 hrs. 
Circle Secretary appreciates the officers and staff of Bongaigaon SSA for this noble gesture and for their excellent dedication to duty and also for setting an example for all others in BSNL to follow. 

There we see real change in work culture in BSNL, let us follow it, nurture it and take the company to a new high !(27.12.2014)

Kind attention of all employees of BSNL
Updating and entry of Service Book data / all information relating to your service is going on in HRMS package .  This is being done by your custodian of service book like AO/DDO/HR section etc. The same data will be copied to the ERP once it is implemented.
All employees should check and verify authenticity of the information and take steps for corrections, if required, for their own personal interest. This is essential to avoid complications in future. (16.10.2014)
Agitation on Kerala issue deferred: After detailed discussion with CMD, the Agitation on Kerala issue has been deferred. Details ..

In solidarity and support to the Kerala circle agitation, the following programme shall be observed at Circle and SSA HQs. All District Secretaries to make all out preparations to participate with toughest determination to defeat sinister attack to destabilize SNEA(I).

26th, 27th Sept: 2014:  Massive Lunch hour demonstration at all Circle and SSA HQs.

29th, 30th Sept and 01st October, 2014: Massive Relay Hunger strike at all Circle HQs.


SNEA(I), Assam Circle deeply mourns the sad demise of the beloved father of Com. R. Rajan, CHQ Treasurer, on 22/09/2014 in Tamilnadu while Com. Rajan was observing indefinite fast at Trivandrum on Kerala issue. Com. I.H.Mandal, CS, Assam expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Rajan and his bereaved family.

SNEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved mother of Com.Dipak Deb, President , Dibrugarh Division on 16-09-2014. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Deb and his bereaved family.

Mass Dharna on 18th Sept, 2014
Mobilize all the Executives.
Make extensive preparations for the Mass Dharna on 18th Sept 2014 demanding E2, E3 pay scales, 30% superannuation benefit, Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy, JTO to SDE promotions, Pay anomalies, Civil / Electrical issues, First TBP after 4 years, Filling the vacancies on DE Regular promotions etc. 
Mobilize all the Executives and Make it a great success.(17.09.2014)

Brief on CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries meet in New Delhi held on 5th & 6th Sept 2014
1. SNEA to jump in full force to face the notified Membership Verification in December 2014. As per authentic reports submitted by the circles, SNEA (India) is in a very comfortable position and sure to win maximum votes.  Moreover,  General Secretary, AIBSNLOA Com. Rakesh Shetty, while addressing the meet, has given clear signal in favour of SNEA (India).
2. SNEA (India) to continue its persistent fight for the pending demands of standard pay scales E2, E3...., 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruits, Promotion from JTO to SDE & JAO to AO and CPSU Cadre hierarchy etc. All executive comrades are requested to take active part in the remaining phase of agitation program
   a) Wearing of Black Badge and holding Lunch hour Demo on 11-9-2014
   b) Massive one day Dharna on 18-9-2014
3. To extend full support and solidarity towards the struggle of Kerala comrades. (08.09.2014)
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Post card campaign  TODAY (02/09/2014): 

All District Secretaries  and Branch Secretaries are requested to send the post cards to CMD/BSNL, Secretary / DoT, DIR(CM / Fin), BSNL, DIR(CFA) / BSNL and GM(SR) / BSNL. 

 << Post card text  >>> (02/09/2014)
Circle Executive Committee meet at Jorhat on 29-8-2014
Assam Circle SNEA held its CEC Meet at Jorhat on 29-8-2014 in Hotel Manor in an excellent environment where CHQ President Com. G L Jogi and GS Com. K Sebastin took active part. The meeting started through an Open Session in the beautifully arranged hall by lighting of lamp by CGMT Assam Circle Shri Rajeev Yadav accompanied by Com Jogi and Com. Sebastin, Com V. Nath and Circle Secretary.
The Open Session was addressed by Circle Secretary, CHQ Leaders and and Chief Guest CGMT Assam Circle. All the Speakers expressed serious concern about the present state of affairs in BSNL and expressed their own commitments and appealed to all the executives for radical improvement in work culture for turning around the company. Circle Secretary apprised CGMT of the two serious issues pertaining to SNEA members in the circle viz. reversion of innocent members and pending case of Com. Pranab Das of Nagaon SSA. CGMT assured the house to take necessary steps in this regard. A Memorandum was also handed over to CGMT by Jorhat comrades on behalf of the circle on service matters.
The delegate session was addressed by CHQ leaders and gave a detailed account of the TU history associated with SNEA (India) besides discussion and interaction on membership verification, promotion issues and other burning issues concerning BSNL recruited executives and employees.
The CEC, on suggestion of CHQ Leaders, decided that the next Circle Conference will be held after Membership verification scheduled to take place in December 2014. Bongaigaon district expressed willingness to hold the next Circle conference and the house accepted the same.
.. See the photo of CEC at Jorhat

Grand GB meeting at Guwahati : A grand GB meeting was held on 28-8-2014 at Guwahati where a large number of executives participated. The packed hall at Panbazar was addressed by CHQ leaders com. GL Jogi and Com. K Sebastin besides Com. V Nath, CS NE I and Circle Secretary Assam Circle.

District Conference of Jorhat : Jorhat District held its District Conference early morning on 29-8-2014 in the same hall where CEC was held. It was attended and addressed by Circle Secretary, ACS Com. Shyamal Dutta and CWC member Com. H P Dutta. A new District body was also elected with Com. Pranab Gogoi as President, Com. MUKESH MEENA as DS and Com. Mosfiqur Rahman as Treasurer. Three retired comrades Com. Debeswar Gogoi, Debeswar Nath and Com. Deben Tasa were given respectful farewell and the house wished for their happy retired life.
... See the photo of Jorhat District Conference

District Conference of Dibrugarh District : On 30-8-2014, the District Conference of Dibrugarh District was held which was addressed by CHQ Leaders Com. G L Jogi and General Secretary Com. K Sebastin. It was also attended by CS, ACS Com. Shyamal Dutta and CWC member Com. H P Dutta besides a few members of Jorhat. A new District body was elected with Com. Dipak Deb as President, Com. JAYANTA DAS as District Secretary and Com. Dhruva Das as Treasurer. Circle Secretary assured full support and cooperation to the new body and appealed for wholehearted support from all members to the new body under leadership of Com Jayanta Das.  (01.09.2014)

Circle Secretary serves Notice and Detailed (tentative) agenda for CEC  meet  on 29th August 2014 at Hotel Manorin Jorhat.

See the letters: Notice    Agenda 23.08.2014)

A Special GB meeting will be held at Panbazar on 28-08-2014 from 11.00 am. Com. K. Sebastin GS and Com. G.L. Jogi, President, will address the meet. All are requested by DS, Guwahati to attend the same positively.22.08.2014)

Circle Office issued Special Casual Leave for attending CEC meet of SNEA(I) at Jorhat. View the letter  16.08.2014)


Comrades, the tallest Central HQ Leaders Com. G. L. Jogi (President) and Com K Sebastin (GS) will tour Assam Circle for three days from 28th to 30th August 2014 and will address mammoth gatherings at Guwahati, Jorhat and Dibrugarh.

The detailed program is as follows :

 1. Guwahati District body shall organize a Grand GB meeting on 28th August (Thursday) at Guwahati. The members of nearby districts like Nagaon, Bongaigaon and also Silchar are requested to attend the Grand GB meeting. The Central HQ Leaders will address the meeting.


2. The Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Assam Circle will be held on 29th August (Friday) at Jorhat (Notice to be served soon). All the Circle Office bearers, District Secretaries, CEC members and also the Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the CEC meet. The members of the nearby districts like Tezpur and Dibrugarh may attend the CEC meet at Jorhat. The Central HQ Leaders Com. Jogi and Com. Sebastin will take active part in the CEC. Also the CGMT Assam Circle and GMTD Jorhat are expected to attend the meet.
3. The District body of Dibrugarh is going to hold District Conference on 30th August (Saturday). The CHQ leaders will address the conference at Dibrugarh before leaving for New Delhi.
Comrades, avail this opportunity to meet CHQ leaders and have fruitful interactions.
The District Secretaries of Guwahati, Jorhat and Dibrugarh to form powerful teams to make the respective programs a GRAND SUCCESS.
Circle Secretary appeals to all the members for active participation. (04.08.2014)
SNEA(I), Assam Circle is deeply saddened to know the passing away of the beloved mother of Com.Susanta Saha, SDE(MW Mtce) on 14-07-2014. On behalf of the SNEA(I) family, Com. I.H.Mandal expresses heart-felt sympathy and condolences to Com. Saha and his bereaved family.(16.07.2014)
District conference, SILCHAR