Pl contact Circle Treasurer G. Sharma at 9435599111 for booking of SNEA Bhawan, Guwahati

Current Events (updated on 11/07/2016)

SNEA, Assam Circle congratulates all  78 candidates of Assam Circle who have successfully passed the JTO(T) LICE held on 22nd May,2016.

Special CL for attending CEC meeting at Guwahati on 05/07/2016 had been granted by the competent authority as asked by CS Com. A. Roy Pradhani.  A General Body meeting will also be held from 12 noon along with arrangement for lunch. CS calls upon all the members to make it convenient to attend this meeting to be graced and addressed by GS Com. K Sebastin. (01/07/2016)

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SNEA, Assam Circle, expresses deep, heartfelt sympathy & condolences to Com. Jayanta Bhattacharjee, ADT(Rectt), Circle Office, and his bereaved family, on sudden demise of his beloved mother on 13/06/2016. CS Com. A.Roypradhani and all SNEA members pray to the Almighty to give strength and succor to the family to bear this insurmountable loss and wade through the challenges of life !


We deeply mourn the sad demise of Com. Sadhan Ch. Deb, Ex Organizing Secretary, Kamrup Division, who expired on 21-06-2016. CS Com. A.Roypradhani and all SNEA members pray to the Almighty to give strength and succor to the family to bear this insurmountable loss and wade through the challenges of life!

Notice for an emergent CEC meeting at Guwahati on 05/07/2016 with the single agenda on membership verification

Com. GS K Sebastin expresses his willingness to attend our emergent CEC to be held at Guwahati.  As GS is preoccupied already with Rajasthan CEC on 02-07-2016, so our CEC has to be rescheduled on 05-07-2016. So comrades please try to attend the CEC meet without fail.

 All of you are requested to come with your valuable views/suggestions for the ensuing membership verification. (17.06.2016)

Congratulations to all the children of our BSNL family who have successfully cleared the Class X & XII (SEBA/AHSEC/ISC/CBSE) Board examinations 2016. Congrats to all the proud parents of known and unknown children  for their outstanding performances. A few high achievers, who are known to us at this point in time, are mentioned below. 

With humility and humbleness CS Com Roy Pradhani requests all to convey the details of other such students who have come out with flying colours. CS wishes the students a very bright future in their pursuit for academic excellence.

Relay Hunger Strike from 18-20, May, 2016 is deferred by SNEA.

Relay Hunger Strike on 18th, 19th and 20th may 2016 at Circle/SSA HQs:

CS Com. A.  Roy Pradhani requests all the members to make extensive preparations to make the Relay Hunger Strike successful. Our demand of standard pay scales of E2, E3 with five promotions (with or without cascading effect) for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 should settle before constitution of 3rd PRC. Settlement of CPSU cadre Hierarchy, 1st TBP, 30% superannuation benefit with minimum 6% as promised, Officiating pay protection, Notional pay of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect etc etc are fully depends upon the success of our struggle. All Executives are requested to join this movement for the upliftment of the cadres. (11.05.2016)


 SNEA Assam Circle observes day long massive  Dharna program across all SSA HQs. and at the Circle Office, Guwahati, demanding immediate implementation of  its demands.

CS Com. A. Roy Pradhani thanks all the members for their whole hearted participation and calls upon to get ready for the next phase of trade union activities. At CO, Guwahati, CS Com. Pradhani, President Com. I. H. Mandal, VP Com. Rajesh Choudhury, DS of Kamrup Com. N. Islam addressed the gathering, and Com. Dulal Kar moderated the discussion.

CGMT Assam also came to meet the BSNL executives at the Dharna site at Guwahati and expressed hope that BSNLCO will favorably consider the charter of demands put forth by the Association.   <<  View Photo  >>>  (11.05.2016)

Mass Dharna on 11/05/16:

CS Com. A. Roy Pradhani calls upon all the District Secretaries and Circle office bearers to mobilize all to  ensure 100% participation in the massive Dharna Program to be held on 11/05/2016. .  GS Comrade Sebastin appeals to make the proposed Dharna a grand success at all levels.

Make all out preparations for the success of the Mass Dharna on 11.05.2016 at  Circle / SSA HQs. Resolution of the issues fully depends upon the success of the TU programmes. All important issues like promotions, standard pay scales before 3rd PRC, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and 1st TBP, pay protection, memebership verification, notion pay for Civil/Elect etc etc are pending for years together.

The valiant comrades of SNEA, the real  fighters  and  all the  Executives  together  will  once  again  prove what struggle is and how the issues are to be settled.