Current Events Updated on 07.04.2014)
5th District Conference of SNEA (India) Bongaigaon District was held on 6th April 2014 at a newly opened beautiful Marriage Hall at Bongaigaon with a day-long program.
The well attended delegate Session was addressed by Circle Secretary and ACS Com. Nazrul Islam. The Circle Secretary has a very healthy interaction with the comrades and elaborately addressed to all the queries raised by the members. An Open Session was also organized before Lunch to discuss service related matters. The Session was addressed by GMTD Bongaigaon Shri Debashish Sarkar besides Circle Secretary, ACS, DS Com. J.K. Dhar and Com. Bhowmik from BSNLEU. The GMTD presented the clear picture on various initiatives undertaken in the Telecom District for improvement of BSNL services. The Telecom District has witnessed a significant improvement under the present GMTD Mr. Sarkar which was appreciated by the Association/Union leaders with a single voice. Circle Secretary assured all support and co-operation from the executives for any initiative taken by the management in the interest of BSNL.
A felicitation program was also organized in honour of retired leaders Com. J.K. Dhar and Com. C.K. Choudhury. All Members and leaders showered good wishes for happy retired life to Com. Dhar and Com. Choudhury.
A new District body was elected unanimously with Com. J. Upadhaya, Com. SUBRATA KR. DEY and com. Utpal Goswami as President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respepctively.
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Holding of District Conference
Circle Secretary requests the following District bodies to hold District Conference on any convenient day before 16th May 2014 positively.
1.    Bongaigaon (already scheduled in April)
2.    Dibrugarh
3.    Tezpur
4.    Jorhat
5.    Silchar (scheduled to be held in May)
The exact date of conference may be finalized at the earliest with intimation to Circle Secretary.
The District Conference of SNEA Nagaon District was held on 22-02-2014 which was attended by Circle Secretary. A new body was unanimously elected with Com.K. Bardoloi, Com. B.K. Chakraborty and Com. Pradip Sarma as President, DS and District Treasurer respectively.
Massive Dharna program was was organized throughout the circle on 6th March 2014 responding to the call of SNEA (India) CHQ to press for a few genuine demands.
Circle Secretary congratulates all the members of SNEA(India) Assam Circle for their whole hearted participation in the Dharna program.
Click here for the News paper report on the program. 
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Important decision of Emergent CEC held at Nagaon on 22nd Feb, 2014
Organized in an excellent manner by Nagaon comrades, the emergent CEC was held in Prashanti Tourist Lodge, Nagaon. Among other discussions, the well attended CEC arrived at the following important decision unanimously on the issue of illegal reversion of SNEA members from executives to non-executive cadres by the callous Assam Circle management.
The CEC expressed serious concern and anguish on the illegal reversion of members by Assam Circle management in blatant violation of court order and Corporate office directive and condemned the efforts made by the circle to cover up the error and illegality. The committee asked Circle Secretary to pursue the matter further with CGMT and Com. General Secretary for an amicable solution. If all efforts fail, the CS was authorized to even launch agitation program at an appropriate time demanding immediate reinstatment of innocent members victimized through the illegal reversion .
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Circle Secretary requests all the DS/BS and Circle Office bearers to start grass root level preparations to partcipate in the Agitation program launched by CHQ on some vital demands :
1. Implementation of standard pay scales E-2 for JTO/JAO and E-3 for SDE/AO etc instead of intermediatory pay scales like E-1A or E-2A which have been rejected by DOT and DOPT.
2. Promotion from JTO to SDE and JAO to AO which are pending for years together.
3. Implementation of Time bound functional promotion in line with CPSU cadre hierarchy.
4. 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees.... etc
The program of action :
1. 25-02-2014 : Lunch hour demonstartion at CHQ/Circle/SSA levels.
2. 06-03-2014 : Day long Dharna at CHQ/Circle/SSA levels
3. 19 to 21-03-2014 : Relay Hunger strike at CHQ/Circle/SSA levels.(03.03.2014)
Comrades, expose the indifferent attitude of BSNL management towards genuine demands of the executives by taking wholehearted participation in the above program of actions. (22.02.2014)



Meeting with CGMT Assam Circle on 11-02-2014 ::
Circle Secretary along with DS, Guwahati met Shri Shiva Lal Singh, CGMT Assam Circle and discussed the following issues :
1. Request Transfer of Com.  A K Roy, SDE from Jorhat to Silchar SSA. The CGMT has been apprised of the fact that the transfer case of Com. A K Roy is pending in circle for quite sometime in spite of repeated representations from the officer only due to negative attitude of the HR section. CGMT has assured to take up the matter towards last week of March at the end of current academic session. CGMT also assured to verify the case of  relieving of Com. Rajesh Kumar, JTO from NETF to UP(East) circle.
2. Circle Secretary tried to clear the misgivings regarding illegal reversion of our members by Assam Circle in blatant violation of Court order and Corporate Office directive and request for a convenient date for detailed discussion on it. CGMT assured the Association to discuss the matter in details tentatively on 17th or 18th February.
Comrades, it seems the Assam Circle Administration is taking the serious Reversion issue very lightly. The Association may be forced to launch agitation program in near future on this burning issue depending on outcome of the proposed discussion.
Circle Secretary calls upon the members of Assam Circle to remain alert and prepared to launch serious organizational actions on short notice. 

The 8th Divisional Conference of SNEA(I),Guwahati Division was held on 7th February,2014 at Panbazar,Guwahati. Mr.Manoj Kumar, GMTD, Kamrup was the special dignitary in the conference. He delivered a valuable and encouraging speech in the meeting. The old body was dissolved and a new executive body of Guwahati Division is formed with seven members.  .. View the New Body
Com N. C. Bhagabati, DS, Guwahati,  along with District president Com Nityananda Sarma, Com Gobinda Sarma ADS, Com S. Purkayastha, Treasurer & Com. Arun Das, Br.Secy Panbazar Branch, met GM Kamrup Sri M. Kumar, who is a BSNL absorbed GM,  on 21st January, 2014 and discussed various issues with him. He will address the members of SNEA(I) Guwahati Division in the forthcoming Divisional Conference of Guwahati Division on 7th February, 2014 at 1300 hrs. All the members are requested to attend the conference without fail. (21.01.2014)

The 6th Branch Conference of SNEA(I), Guwahati Task Force Branch will be held on 25/01/14 at the O/o DE(TP), CTTC Campus, Bharalumukh from 2:30 pm. Com. Nityananda Sarma, SDE(TP-II),NETF, requests all the members to attend the meeting positively. 21.01.2014)

SNEA(I), Assam Circle, expresses deep, heartfelt sympathy & condolences to Com. Mazamil Hussain, SDE(IT), Circle Office, and his bereaved family, on sudden demise of his beloved father on 19/01/2014. CS Com. Mandal and all SNEA(I) members pray to the Almighty to give strengh and succour to the family to bear this insurmountable loss and wade through the challenges of life !
General Secretary Com. K Sebastin has written to Director (HR), with a copy to Director (EB) and GM (Estt), BSNL Corporate office, on 13th January,2014   regarding the  illegal reversion of JTO/SDEs by Assam Cicle. The Association requests personal intervention of the Director (HR) for a direction to Assam Circle or immediate corrective steps by the Circle.  .. View the letter  
Circle Secretary has written to Shri Shiva Lal Singh, CGMT Assam Circle reiterating the stand of the Association on illegal, unmindful and insensitive action of the circle HR cell in reverting our comrades from executives to non-executive cadre in an inhuman manner.
CS has also raised the issue that the circle administration is playing a danger game with the life and dignity of our members as well as some innocent employees who have been promoted recently and sent for induction training to RTTC Guwahati.
These innocent non-executive employees promoted to JTO in excess of available vacancies in 1999, shall have to be reverted again today or tomorrow for obvious reasons making the issue more complicated
Circle secretary has demanded immediate corrective steps from CGMT.10.01.2014)
Com. N. C. Bhagawati, DS, Guwahati District, informs that the 8th Divisional Conference of SNEA(I), Guwahati, will be held at Panbazar IQ on 07/02/2014. All members are requested by Com. Bhagawati to attend the meet positively and contribute an amount of Rs. 200/- as conference fee to  Com. S.N.Purkayastha, Divisional Treasurer. ( 03.01.2014)
departed soul!
Circle Secretary writes :

FRIENDS, On 31st December 2013 one of our dedicated and sincere leader Com. J K Dhar, DS, Bongaigaon has retired from service on superannuation. Com. Dhar has been actively associated with the trade union activities right from the day of his entry into DOT. We always find him sincere and front runner in all our association programs and other day to day activities. Com. Dhar was solidly behind this association as a loyal soldier even at the time of crisis in Bongaigaon District wing in the recent past. This association owes a lot to the selfless services contributions of com. J K Dhar. 

On behalf of the entire membership of SNEA (India) Assam Circle, I WISH OUR DEAR COMRADE DHAR A VERY HAPPY AND PEACEFUL RETIRED LIFE ! ( 01.01.2014)
Today General Secretary Com. Sebastin is having an important discussion with GM(Estt) Corporate office regarding the unfortunate and illegal reversion of our members by the Assam Circle HR Section. Outcome of the discussion will be updated soon. ( 31.12.2013)
Circle Secretary writes to CGMT, Assam Circle as special case. .. View the letter  ( 23.12.2013)

Circle Secretary attended an Open Session organized by AIGETOA, Assam Circle on 15th December 2013 at Guwahati Town Club Auditorium. The topic for discussion in the session was "Role of Employees and Management in driving BSNL back to the path of accelerated growth". CS presented the clear view of SNEA (India) in the session on the given topic in presence of a large number of AIGETOA delegates, GS AIGETOA Com. Verma and senior officers of Assam Circle. Circle Secretary appreciates AIGETOA, Assam Circle for taking such step for the interest of the company. 19.12.2013)

SNEA  leadership welcomes new CGMT Assam Circle,

 Shri Shiva Lal Singh

On 15th November, Circle Secretary along with Circle President Com. V. Nath, DS Guwahati Com. N C Bhagabati and a few members from Bongaigaon, Jorhat and DIbrugarh SSA met new CGMT Shri Shiva Lal Singh and extended warm welcome to Assam Circle. The Association assured him of full cooperation in all issues pertaining to the welfare of BSNL.18.11.2013)

Circle Secretary also apprised CGMT of the most serious development of the circle relating to illegal reversion of executives to non-executives by the circle administration and requested for a formal meeting to discuss the issue. CGMT responded quite positively and sought time to study the whole issue. We are expecting a meeting with the circle management shortly to settle the issue amicably so that SNEA leadership is not forced to launch agitation program for the ends of justice.
Transfer & Posting Order: After long and continuous persuasion by our Circle Secretary, the following transfer & posting orders have been approved by the CGMT, Assam Circle. .. View the orders   4.11.2013)
Circle Secretary will be on organizational tour from 24th to 28th October,2013 to attend Central Working Committee Meet at Patna. Members may contact Com. Shyamal Dutta, ACS for any association purpose during this period.
As reported by CHQ Treasurer, the status of CHQ subscription payment by different Districts of Assam circle is as follows :
CHQ Quota payment details as on 17-10-13  (23.09.2013)
Note: Some of the SSAs have deposited amount in CHQ account and details not intimated to CHQ Treasurer. Such SSA DS or DT are requested to contact CHQ Treasurer (09486102600). 

1. Bongaigaon   : December/2012
2. Dibrugarh      : March/2012
3. Guwahati       : Dec/2012  (cleared upto Sept/2013)
4. Jorhat            : February/ 2012
5. Nagaon          : March/2012
6. Silchar            : March/2012
7. Tezpur            : July/2013

All the DS/DT are requested to clear CHQ as well as Circle quota up to August 2013 by this month positively.

General Secretary Com. K. Sebastin has congratulated DS and the members of the Guwahati District for contributing Rs. 20000/- to CHQ Building Fund in addition to earlier contrinutions ! 19.10.2013)


Assam Circle has taken a U-turn on the issue of reversion of executives. The Circle management, which was on the same page with the ill-fated executives in earlier legal process, is now doing their best to justify the illegal reversion. This has forced the Association to change its strategy and raised genuine questions on the grave errors committed by the circle during implementation of Court order and deliberate violation of Corporate office directives on the whole issue.
Circle Secretary writes to CGMT, Assam Circle demanding a thorough inquiry into the whole episode of promotion of one group and reversion of another and to undo the misdeeds done by the officers at the helm of affairs. 
See the letter...     Page-1    Page-2   Page-3(20.09.2013)
Kind attention : All DS.....
CS requests all District Secretaries/Dist. Treasurers to clear CHQ Quota up to August 2013 along with pending Building fund (Rs.500 each) and Legal fund (Rs.200 each) by this month.
All Districts should also clear Circle quota up to August 2013 by this month. We are holding CEC in October before CWC Patna(20.09.2013)

Circle Secretary takes the pleasure to inform the members of Assam Circle that with active support and persuasion from Com. General Secretary, the following two pending cases have been successfully settled :

1. INVALID PENSION TO COM. NITUL HAZARIKA :  As you are all aware, beloved Com. Nitul Hazarika, SDE (E) has been suffering from serious ailments and has become totally invalid to continue in service and therefore requested for Invalid pension. This Association has done everything possible to help the comrade and his family and in this endevour all the comrades of Jorhat district lead by Com. H. P. Dutta, R. L Borah and DS Jorhat, a few comrades from Guwahati and even some comrades from other circles have extended helping hands setting a rare example of humanity and brotherhood. Today we feel happy to inform you that BSNL Corporate office has approved his Invalid pension case and the order also issued on 17-9-2013. This Association would feel honoured if this small gesture could any way serve our beloved comrade and his family. 

2. Com. N. J. Kakati of Inspection Circle has been recently promoted from SDE to DE (Adhoc) and was posted to West Bengal Circle. Whereas officers from other circles come to North East on promotion to fill up the vacancies here, the posting of Com. Kakati outside NE region was something unusual. This Association took up the issue very seriously and finally the modified order of posting has been issued from Corporate office on 16-9-2013, retaining him in Inspection circle.

 In both the above cases, Com. General Secretary has wholeheartedly supported us and we are extremely thankful to Com. K. Sebastin. (18.09.2013)


As a pleasant surprise, General Secretary Com. K. Sebastin halted for a couple of hours at Guwahati  to-day (13-9-2013) on his way to Shillong.

Taking the opportunity of pleasant company of Com. GS, Circle President Com. V. Nath, CS I. H. Mandal , ACS Com. Shyamal Dutta and a large number of members from Guwahati and Bongaigaon has had informal discussions on the issues of controversial reversion of 14 Executives in Assam Circle, modification of posting of Com. N J Kakati, JTO to SDE promotions etc.

On the burning issue of reversion of executives, Com. GS has provided valuable guidance in the way of exploring legal remedies from court, after going through all the documents in the case.

Com. GS has assured Com. N J Kakati that the order modifying his place of posting to Inspection circle on his promotion to DE (Ad-hoc) is expected early next week.

We are extremely thankful to Com. General Secretary for the valuable guidance and information on various issues. (13.09.2013)

As informed by GS Com. Sebastin the Invalid Pension case of Com. Nitul Hazarika is moving fast in Corporate Office. Director (F) has cleared the case & it has reached Director (HR). We may expect final approval by next week.( 06.09.2013)